I want to be a Gilmore Girl!

On the radio last week they had a very interesting discussion question. They asked, “if you could be part of any fictional world, which one would it be and why.” The answers were pretty standard, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings…ect. But none of those fantasy worlds really resonated with me. I wanted a world that is more close to possible. It is easier to dream when the dream at least seems attainable.

And then it hit me. The fictional world I would want to be in is the world of Gilmore Girls in the lovely Stars Hollow. I know I have mentioned this show before but I think the only time I mentioned it was talking about a perfect date (going to the town where Stars Hollow is based off of). However, to be a resident of this town really would be a dream.

Here are just a few of the things I would love:

1) A grumpy yet gorgeous diner dude: Oh Luke. There really is no other diner owner like you. He brought the sassy comments and grumpy attitude to a new level. He was the best thing for Lori-lei and she was the best for him. Their banter was amazing to watch and I always wanted to find a relationship like that. Not necessarily the romance side but a grumpy friend I saw daily that also made my coffee. Because lets faith it without the coffee I has the dumb.

2) A sometimes too close knit community: I am not someone who is surrounded by friends. I have one or two people I am close to and that is how it has always been. But, being in a community like this would be like having a built in group of friends. This would be perfect for the loner like me. It would force me to socialize without too much effort on my part.

3) The crazy quirky town events: I love quirky things and this town was full of it. Each festival and event was adorable and fun. Remember bidding on the picnic baskets? Adorable! I would love to have an excuse to go to events like this and not get sideways glances from people who don’t understand the fun.

There are many other reasons living in Stars Hollow would be perfect but those are a few of the big ones. If you could pick a fictional world to be part of what would it be and why?


Unfortunate Names

When tragedy strikes, like the case of the Asiana Airlines crash, an unfortunate name mix-up is the last thing any news station news. This mix up was a bit more than unfortunate, it ended up being offensive.

For those who don’t know the story, I will give you a quick run down. Asiana Airlines crashed at San Francisco International Airport. There were 300 passengers on board, 180 minor injuries and two fatalities. This was no laughing matter. But when the media decided to take to the screen and report this crash this is what came up on the screen:

Now it is my understanding, KTVU came out and issued an apology and blamed this mix up on an intern playing a prank. While that may be true, did not one person read it before it was live on the air? All it would take is one read to know something was wrong. Not to mention, the reporters said it on air without seeming to notice the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are born with some unfortunate names. But, the names listed here are not just unfortunate, they are offensive. Now, if the news station came across some other unfortunate names I am sure they would think it was an error when sadly it wasn’t. Here are a few REAL unfortunate names:

1) Fagley Dork

2) Chubby Cox

3)Rusty Kuntz

4) Dean Windass

5) Steve Sharts

Now if these names come up on a screen newscasters, check your sources! Although, these are real names, unfortunate names like this should be verified. If however you find out this is in fact the right name, hold your laughter until after the newscast.

So bloggers, do you or anyone you know have an unfortunate name?


My re-introduction to Mr. Turner

In preparation for the “Boy Meets World” spin-off “Girl Meets World”, I have been brushing myself up on old episodes. Each episode is full of life lessons, a few laughs and even a few tears. However, what I had forgotten is this show is also the home to one of my childhood crushes. Little me did not have a thing for Corey Matthews, Not even pretty boy Shawn Hunter, Not ladies man Eric Matthews either. Nope, this girl had a thing for Mr. Turner.


I am not sure what did it for me. Could it be the 90’s hairstyle? Maybe it was the slightly too tight jeans? Or maybe just maybe it was the leather jacket motorcycle combo he had going on. One thing is for sure, his brains and his concern for his students certainly did not hurt! All I know is when I was re-introduced to this childhood crush, I couldn’t help but watch EVERY episode with him in it.

The child version of me always did have a thing for the “teacher type.” I think my little crush on him is what made me want to be a teacher in my younger years. Of course I grew up to find it was not quite the right fit for me, but I am not opposed to dating one, or a man who plays one…*hint* Anthony Tyler Quinn *hint*.

However, the show was not enough. I needed to know what he was doing now. To my excitement he has aged quite well and is actually only in his 50s (not bad at all). He has also appeared on one of my guilty pleasure shows, “Pretty Little Liars.” I guess this means I will be scouring every episode hoping to catch a sighting!


Was there any Boy Meets World alum that you bloggers had a childhood crush on?


Dream Date

Alright girls, admit it, each and every one of you have this one dream date in mind that if the guy you were seeing somehow figured out what it was you would marry him on the spot. I bet some of you guys even have a date running through your head right now. The problem is our dream date is usually so incredibly personal that unless we tell the man there is no way they are going to figure it out. And lets face it- if we tell them the surprise is lost and without surprise there is no romance.

This is what surprise SHOULD look like!

So since I have accepted my fate and realized my mind reading Prince Charming will not be riding up to me on a white horse anytime soon, I decided to share my dream date with my blogging pals. But first, confession time. This dream date involves my all time favorite television show, and you know what? Its a dorky one! Alright I will say it…Gilmore Girls. Yes I admitted it. Theres something about those caffeine addicted drama queens that had me tuned in every week.

So how does this dream date involve a T.V show you ask? Well Stars Hollow (where the show took place) is a small town full of quirky characters. Growing up watching this show my dream was to live in a town like this. I also imagined all the different people I would meet and what type of character I would be (for the record I would be a Lori-lei).

Thats her errr me on the left.

For my dream date I would like to go visit the towns this show is based on. To be exact, Essex, Wallingford and Washington Connecticut. This isn’t too far from where I actually live so it could be a day trip. I would just like to see all the places that inspired this amazing show and maybe understand how the characters came to be.


So how is this romantic? Well as Wikipedia puts it, “Stars Hollow was founded in 1779 with conflicting legends regarding how it got its name. Although some within the town doubt the theory, the traditionally accepted legend involves two star-crossed lovers who seemed destined never to be together, until separate cosmological phenomena involving stars led them to each other at the spot where the town now exists.”

Who wouldn’t want to visit a place where a town who brought to star crossed lovers together was thought up?

                                                                      So bloggers what would your dream date be?