This is a blog for me to write about what I like. I am going to showcase film reviews, book reviews, recipes and fashion finds as well as anything else I find that I want to share. I hope to make you laugh in many of these posts and I hope that I will find new things from the comments everyone leaves! So feel free to have fun and start a conversation here- I plan to update as often as possible so there will always be something fresh to check out.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I was browsing some of your posts.. you have some interesting stuff here like the white spider and the mother who killed her child must die (which I only get to know it here) nice blog 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment on my post. Accessorize is a good thing! I am just amazed at how the fit of clothes changes from twenty to sixty. Of course maybe it is just the body that changes. Oh well. I think your blog is great I will be checking back often.

  3. Thanx a lot for the comment and the visit! I like the humour and fun of ur posts, so I am following u now! 😀 😀 and good luck with ur public singing! dont forget to post about it on that day 😉


  4. Hi! This is Jackie from ‘To Breathe is to Write”. I wanted to let you know you won a free copy of Maddie’s book “Murder Under Construction”. If you could contact me at jrpbooks@mail.com and let me know how you want your free book. Either Smashwords or Amazon, I or Maddie will send you a code for it via email. Thanks and congrats!

  5. Check your yahoo email for an Amazon notice for my book, Murder Under Construction. The email has been sent a few times, so I suspect it might be an email account you don’t use very often. If you need it sent to a different email, you can contact me via my email on my about page. 🙂

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