I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016)

Hello blogging pals!

I debated whether or not to post on here again (hence the delayed post) because I am realizing that for many of my blogging pals, podcasting is a bit out of their comfort zone. However, I think that this journey is something I am passionate about and would still like to share and document.

After Episode 2 of the podcast we learned:

  1. Using free recording software can result in corruption issues and cause you to have to re-do your entire podcast late at night the night before (oh yes).
  2. If my co-host isn’t super jazzed about a movie he sounds like he is being held hostage (take 2 sounded much better after that realization).
  3. Finding an audience is so not easy, but making new friends along the way has been so incredibly fun!

For Episode 2 we discuss the Netflix movie “I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House.”

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Cant wait to hear your thoughts!



Episode 2: Saving Private Ryan

So after one episode of the podcast we have learned a few things:

  1. We gotta keep the episodes to 30 minutes, most people don’t have much more time than that to listen to a podcast.
  2. My boyfriend (and co-host) is “unpleasantly loud”. We are working on that and discuss it a bit in episode 2.
  3. Intros are the hardest thing to do! We have to get better at making a plan on what we should say first!
  4. Finding listeners is hard! Just like building a blog audience is hard, so is building a podcast audience. Our first week we had 15 downloads (a low number I know but its a start) we are aiming to double that number to have 30 downloads in week 2 making a total of 40 downloads!
  5. ITunes reviews are almost impossible to get! We are told that ITunes reviews are needed to get your podcast seen! We have 0! That seems to be the toughest obstacle at the moment.

I am hoping as we learn how to tackle each obstacle we can keep log of it on this blog and help others who are building a podcast learn from our trial and error!

Episode 2 we discuss Saving Private Ryan! Come listen in and let us know what you think!


or on ITunes podcasts just search Cinematically Correct!




Welcome to my NEW PODCAST!

Wow it has seriously been forever! I have been struggling for awhile with finding a way to keep up with my blogging friends while also playing with other forms of content. I tried YouTube for a bit and realized I am just way too awkward on camera. So I have decided to try podcasting! I am really excited about it and we just launched on ITunes so I am going to see how it goes.

The podcast will be about movies from all different eras but will be mostly the tangents the movie inspires! We are hoping it will be fun and lighthearted!

I miss all my blogging buddies and hope you will all check us out and leave a review for us! I will be making the rounds this weekend to catch back up with everyone!

Cant wait to talk to you all!

Here are our links:

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Please please please share this with your friends and leave a review! We want to get better and need your help to do that!

Thank you and looking forward to this new adventure with you all!



Melissa and Joey = Perfection!

I will start off by saying I am a 90’s kid through and through. I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains it All. Melissa Joan Heart was basically an idol growing up.

Then there is Joey Lawrence. He was in Brotherly Love and most notably for me, and although IMDB says he wasn’t, I swear to you he was on at least one episode of Boy Meets World!


Either way when I started watching their show Melissa and Joey, I thought to myself, their relationship is perfection! Yes I know it is scripted. Yes I know it is “just a TV show.” But there chemistry is undeniable. And they even look like a cute couple!

But just a quick internet search will show you that Melissa has been married to some guy named Mark for almost 10 years! All I kept thinking when I saw this is who is that Mark guy and why is he trying to ruin this perfect relationship?

Now this isn’t the first time I have shipped a fiction relationship to happen in real life. Edward and Bella? Absolutely. Ezra and Aria? You bet.

But this is the first time I wished my relationship actually was like theirs!

And then I stumbled upon a movie from 2008 called “My Fake Fiance.” This must be where there TV romance blossomed! They have the BEST chemistry in this movie! It is very lifetime movie esque but it is all sorts of adorable!

Melissa, Joey, if you are reading this, you have the perfect mix of chemistry, good looks and great attitudes all combined with perfect timing. Why not use it?!


Forever a 90’s girl living in the new millennium




Finding the Holy Grail…Err Mrs Dash…

Okay my friends. I am going to be real with you. I enjoy my salt. And I mean REALLY enjoy my salt. I put salt on basically everything I eat, including watermelon (don’t knock it till you try it!). So when I went on my search for Mrs. Dash seasoning about a year ago, I clearly was not aware that it was a salt free product.


Anyways, that was a year ago. And you might be thinking, if you didn’t know that then why were you looking for it in the first place. Great question! Well I am a bit strange. I take a lot of tips from my online friends. No not friends that I actually converse with like many of my lovely blog followers, but friends in the form of people I enjoy watching videos from.

One particular girl shared her love for Mrs. Dash seasoning quite often. Now I knew it was on the healthy side because she is part of my health and wellness company but healthy is good! I figured if she raved about it so much than it had to be worth it!

So I searched, and I searched. Store after store after store. To no avail. I posted about the mystery on Instagram and found out that it was very prevalent in the south. But as a northern gal it might be that I am out of luck.

Then today, a year later, the idea ran across my mind again to look for it. So I hit the website and found a locate feature where you could type in the zip code and find where its sold. To my surprise it was sold in the exact store I frequent. Who knew?

So I made my way down there and found an assortment of Mrs. Dash seasonings. And that is when I learned that it was a salt free product. And it could not have come at a better time!

Recently, we learned that the boyfriend has high blood pressure, not alarmingly high, but for his age its elevated. I had made a decision to start cutting out the added salt where I could. And trust me that is no easy task for this salty gal. But this seasoning is the perfect fix!


Friends when I tell you it is tasty, I am not doing it justice! The seasoning is incredible and the fact that it is salt free astounds me!

Now that I have had time to process this revelation I am thinking that the DASH part of the name refers to the heart healthy DASH diet. Given that I work in healthcare that should have been pretty obvious a year ago but as I said I am in love with salt so a divorce from it really never crossed my mind until now!

I am sure I am not the only one totally in awe by this stuff! Who else has tried this seasoning and what is your favorite dish to put it on?




Professionally Keeping My Personality!

Hey friends!


It has been awhile since I have done a written post. Currently I am experiencing some technical difficulties with my camera but I did not want to take too long of a break from my blogging pals. I miss you guys! So I am going back to my first love of writing to give you this post!

As someone in my late twenties, the struggle of finding a professional outfit that still showcases who I am as a person has been real. I often find myself wandering stores looking for anything that doesn’t make me look like a middle aged women. With that focus in mind, I often lose sight of what I actually like to wear.

I find myself saying things like “that’s not horrible”, “at least its versatile”, “it’s comfortable at least.” And that is not at all what I want for my daily wardrobe.

Lets face it, I am at work more than I am not. So if my personality does not shine in my work wardrobe, when can it?

But lets be real, my fashion taste includes leather, spikes, and anything edgy. How do you make that professional?

Aria Montgomery has done it right. She is edgy, chic and professional. But honestly, crop tops and mini skirts won’t work in my line of work. Even though she rocks it hard! Aria you get me but I can’t imitate you.


Then there is Melissa from Melissa and Joey. She rocks the sexy side of professional which I love. She doesn’t really rock the edge but I could dig her clothes. But the price tag is certainly not something I dig.


Then there is Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex Girlfriend, she rocks professional pretty hard but I think its a little too “cute” for me.


Oh and lets not forget Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife. Her style is amazing but just a little too matronly for me.


So what is a girl to do?

I will be honest I still haven’t quite figured it out yet but I have pieced a few things together.

I need a good statement necklace, or two or five. I need some patterned well patterned everything because patterns bring the edge. And I need some fitted tops. Sex appeal with class.

I think I have my work cut out for me. It may be awhile before I find the wardrobe that works for me but the quest is important.

What do you do when searching for the perfect style to fit your daily life? Do you rock what you want to rock? Do you copy cat your favorite TV fashonista? Or are you a drone of the office attire regardless of how you feel?








Rory Gilmore Should be a Booktuber!

Hey friends!

So this video is a little disappointing to me. I planned ahead, shot the video good and early so it wasn’t late again. But, currently I am shooting on my phone because we are getting a camera in the middle of August. So getting video off your phone is a task and a half. Well, needless to say things did not go smoothly so the video didn’t come out the best.

On top of that, my editing skills are so green I really don’t know how to make things look cool yet. I really had a lot of great ideas for this video but sadly it came out very elementary.

Hopefully, you can still enjoy my thoughts and continue with me on this journey as I learn and grow!

See you next week!




Book Review: The Five Love Languages!

I had such an overwhelming positive response to my intro to Booktube video so I decided to stay the course. This video is a little late because I was sick but I did not want to miss a full week so here is a video on a Saturday! You will be seeing me again very soon for my regularly scheduled videos!


Please comment below with what you thought!


Starting my journey with BookTube!

Hey Friends!

I have decided to start my journey with BookTube. It is basically a Youtube community for those who love books! I promise I will not just do book reviews as I know not all of my friends on here are book lovers. I will do my best to keep things fun and interesting. If you have ideas or requests please leave them below!

Hope you enjoy my intro video!


Atlantic City Adventure!

For all of my blog friends who came back and will hang with me even while I do vlogs, you rock! I love you all! If you dont mind please hit the subscribe button on my YouTube channel while I try to build that up!

Hope you enjoy this weeks video!