My re-introduction to Mr. Turner

In preparation for the “Boy Meets World” spin-off “Girl Meets World”, I have been brushing myself up on old episodes. Each episode is full of life lessons, a few laughs and even a few tears. However, what I had forgotten is this show is also the home to one of my childhood crushes. Little me did not have a thing for Corey Matthews, Not even pretty boy Shawn Hunter, Not ladies man Eric Matthews either. Nope, this girl had a thing for Mr. Turner.


I am not sure what did it for me. Could it be the 90’s hairstyle? Maybe it was the slightly too tight jeans? Or maybe just maybe it was the leather jacket motorcycle combo he had going on. One thing is for sure, his brains and his concern for his students certainly did not hurt! All I know is when I was re-introduced to this childhood crush, I couldn’t help but watch EVERY episode with him in it.

The child version of me always did have a thing for the “teacher type.” I think my little crush on him is what made me want to be a teacher in my younger years. Of course I grew up to find it was not quite the right fit for me, but I am not opposed to dating one, or a man who plays one…*hint* Anthony Tyler Quinn *hint*.

However, the show was not enough. I needed to know what he was doing now. To my excitement he has aged quite well and is actually only in his 50s (not bad at all). He has also appeared on one of my guilty pleasure shows, “Pretty Little Liars.” I guess this means I will be scouring every episode hoping to catch a sighting!


Was there any Boy Meets World alum that you bloggers had a childhood crush on?

16 thoughts on “My re-introduction to Mr. Turner

  1. Shae, you’ve caught me. I had a man crush on… wait for it… Mr.Feeny… Nothing like wanting a mustache that could take over the world alone… Striking fear into the hearts of your students by uttering one word… Feeny…. hahahaha, I think all kids at one point had a crush on a character from this show (if you’re old enough that is to remember it)… This is a reminder to men who watched the show though… When you get called out on something, don’t know how, or who, or why? It all becomes suddenly clear with one word… Topanga!!!!!! hahahahaha nice read. Looking forward to your next one

  2. “To my excitement he has aged quite well and is actually only in his 50s (not bad at all)”

    Shae, you have EXCELLENT taste, girl. Yes, he’s my type as well. VAVOOM!!!!

    Now because I don’t watch TV, I have no idea what this show is. But when I was younger, I had a crush on John Travolta in the TV show….”Welcome back, Kotter.”

    If you’ve never seen the show, just Google it and look for photos of John back then. WOW!

    FAB post, Shae! Have a super week!


    • Ronnie you have NEVER seen Boy Meets World!?! Oh boy you are missing out. I think you need to hop on hulu and catch an episode to see what you think. Even if it is just to check out this hottie I introduced you to 🙂

  3. I gotta say I loved this show growing up and I can’t wait to see what the do with the spin-off. Like most guys in our age bracket I had a thing for Topanga but Rachel(the tall red head from the college days) she was hot. I can picture you singing Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” while you were writing this post lol.

    • I didnt see much of the college days so I am only vaguely picturing Rachel. And “Hot for Teacher” is actually perfect for this post! Too bad I couldnt add background music!

  4. Oh my it finally let me log in!!!

    I have to agree with you Shae, he was definitely the hottie of the show! Cory and Shawn were ehhh for me. There is something to be said for an older man when you aren’t into boys that did it for this girl. Give me an older man that knows himself, and is confidant v an annoying boy and there is no comparison. I would be interested on your take of the new show! Looking forward to that blog!

    • You are so right Steph! I loved how he would banter with the kids with a slightly arrogant attitude. But what really did it for me is when he took Shawn in and we saw his sweet side. I was melting!

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