Dream Date

Alright girls, admit it, each and every one of you have this one dream date in mind that if the guy you were seeing somehow figured out what it was you would marry him on the spot. I bet some of you guys even have a date running through your head right now. The problem is our dream date is usually so incredibly personal that unless we tell the man there is no way they are going to figure it out. And lets face it- if we tell them the surprise is lost and without surprise there is no romance.

This is what surprise SHOULD look like!

So since I have accepted my fate and realized my mind reading Prince Charming will not be riding up to me on a white horse anytime soon, I decided to share my dream date with my blogging pals. But first, confession time. This dream date involves my all time favorite television show, and you know what? Its a dorky one! Alright I will say it…Gilmore Girls. Yes I admitted it. Theres something about those caffeine addicted drama queens that had me tuned in every week.

So how does this dream date involve a T.V show you ask? Well Stars Hollow (where the show took place) is a small town full of quirky characters. Growing up watching this show my dream was to live in a town like this. I also imagined all the different people I would meet and what type of character I would be (for the record I would be a Lori-lei).

Thats her errr me on the left.

For my dream date I would like to go visit the towns this show is based on. To be exact, Essex, Wallingford and Washington Connecticut. This isn’t too far from where I actually live so it could be a day trip. I would just like to see all the places that inspired this amazing show and maybe understand how the characters came to be.


So how is this romantic? Well as Wikipedia puts it, “Stars Hollow was founded in 1779 with conflicting legends regarding how it got its name. Although some within the town doubt the theory, the traditionally accepted legend involves two star-crossed lovers who seemed destined never to be together, until separate cosmological phenomena involving stars led them to each other at the spot where the town now exists.”

Who wouldn’t want to visit a place where a town who brought to star crossed lovers together was thought up?

                                                                      So bloggers what would your dream date be?

19 thoughts on “Dream Date

  1. Being much older, a widow, and quite deprived physically since my husband’s death several years ago my dream date would include a male surviving the night without requiring EMS attention, and waking up to breakfast in bed. Oh and he does the dishes and laundry before he leaves. Too much???

  2. LOVE your dream date, Shae!!!!!

    Also, I love the first photo you used of I Love Lucy because that was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid. I now have much of the show on DVD!

    My dream date would be to go to NYC and go ice skating at Rockefeller Center during the Christmas holiday. And then go to the theater to see a show. And then go Sardi’s for drinks afterwards; mingling with the theater folk. And all of this with Clive Owens – HA!

    FAB post, girl! Have an AWESOME week!


  3. I think I’d love spend my dream date in Rivendell. With maybe a little stop in The Shire for some tea.

  4. I can always count on enjoying at least one thing I read the days you post. Great blog. And you never know, maybe even someone you’ve met before will one day surprise you.

  5. First things first that was a great show. Also that sounds like an awesome date…to bad you let the proverbial cat out of the bag ;-). For me I’d say that the “perfect date” would be renting a sailboat and sailing out to Block Island, spending the day exploring the island, a picnic dinner out on the boat and watching the sunset over the water.

  6. Wow this has really made me think. I am a massive fan of spontaneity and surprises so I guess that would be my perfect date. No matter if it’s a spontaneous trip to wherever or even just cooking me a small meal at home, I would be incredibly happy!

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