The Demonic Pig

One thing I will mention again and again in this blog is my love for horror movies. I love to be scared and I love movies that make you think. I will watch any horror movie. Black and white, full color, low budget, hollywood style whatever it is, I will watch it.

With that in mind, when I notice a trend that I can’t quite understand I find the need to research it. The trend I started noticing was a boar or pig head popping up in many of these films. The films really never get an explanation for the appearance of this and it led me to believe that there was some bigger significance beyond the movie. And it turns out I was right. Here are a few places that the boar or pig reference popped up:

1) Pretty Little Liars: This might be a show marketing towards teenagers but let me tell you it is creepy and amazing to watch. One of the things that popped up was the pig reference. See this picture:

Not only that but one of the girls has a pig that she has had since she was young and she is absolutely attached to it. References to it come up in many episodes:

What are you hiding Aria?

2) Then there is the movie Motel Hell:

Can you say creepy?

3) And finally the most well known one- the Saw franchise!

The problem was none of these movies (or shows) explained why this was significant. But I found a really interesting article here that had some great insight on the mythology of a pig that I think fits so well.

I think the most poignant point made was, “ The pig is, among other things, a devourer; it is a menace to crops and to people, it is voracious and it is omnivorous.  Even the strong-stomached goat will not eat meat, its young, or manure.  Stories of domestic pigs killing and eating children, women in childbirth, even grown men are abundant, and some are undoubtedly true.”

If that doesn’t make you afraid of a pig I don’t know what will.

There is also a biblical reference in Matthew 8:28-34 where Jesus cast the demons into the pig and the pigs end up dying in the water. This reference could show the reason for the pigs demonic spirit now and show why the demon pig would be a killer to fear since the demon was instilled in the pig by Jesus himself.

Whatever reference the film makers are using to make the pig a killer to be feared- it certainly works.

What theory do you have as to why the Pig has become such a staple in horror?


Bring Back Our Girls!

I know I say this a lot on this blog, but sometimes I feel its is a bloggers job to try and get the word out when a cause is important enough. Over the last few weeks I have been noticing the hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls” on multiple social media platforms. The most prominent celeb I have seen promoting this cause is Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. I really enjoy following her posts and it is very clear she is passionate about the cause so I decided to look into it to see what it is all about.

Mary J Blige doing her part!

For anyone who does not already know this cause is to try and recover the almost 200 kidnapped Nigerian school girls who are currently being sold at $12 a girl to militants. The families have asked power countries like the United Nations and United Stations to get involved and help them get their girls back. For a full overview of what happened go and check out this article in the NY Times.

Now I realize even in the blogosphere my reach is pretty small. But if everyone kept quiet because they did not think anyone would listen, no one would ever be heard. This cause is too important to let fall on deaf ears. And from what I am hearing this hashtag is really helping bring national attention to the cause. Hopefully the more attention it can ge the better chance there is of getting the girls back.

So here is what I am asking bloggers: tweet, instagram, facebook, use whatever social media you use the most and promote this hashtag. Educate people on what has happened and lets try and get the word out. These girls do not deserve to be sold off like property. They are women and we need to join together to try and get them back home where they belong!


My re-introduction to Mr. Turner

In preparation for the “Boy Meets World” spin-off “Girl Meets World”, I have been brushing myself up on old episodes. Each episode is full of life lessons, a few laughs and even a few tears. However, what I had forgotten is this show is also the home to one of my childhood crushes. Little me did not have a thing for Corey Matthews, Not even pretty boy Shawn Hunter, Not ladies man Eric Matthews either. Nope, this girl had a thing for Mr. Turner.


I am not sure what did it for me. Could it be the 90’s hairstyle? Maybe it was the slightly too tight jeans? Or maybe just maybe it was the leather jacket motorcycle combo he had going on. One thing is for sure, his brains and his concern for his students certainly did not hurt! All I know is when I was re-introduced to this childhood crush, I couldn’t help but watch EVERY episode with him in it.

The child version of me always did have a thing for the “teacher type.” I think my little crush on him is what made me want to be a teacher in my younger years. Of course I grew up to find it was not quite the right fit for me, but I am not opposed to dating one, or a man who plays one…*hint* Anthony Tyler Quinn *hint*.

However, the show was not enough. I needed to know what he was doing now. To my excitement he has aged quite well and is actually only in his 50s (not bad at all). He has also appeared on one of my guilty pleasure shows, “Pretty Little Liars.” I guess this means I will be scouring every episode hoping to catch a sighting!


Was there any Boy Meets World alum that you bloggers had a childhood crush on?