Unfortunate Names

When tragedy strikes, like the case of the Asiana Airlines crash, an unfortunate name mix-up is the last thing any news station news. This mix up was a bit more than unfortunate, it ended up being offensive.

For those who don’t know the story, I will give you a quick run down. Asiana Airlines crashed at San Francisco International Airport. There were 300 passengers on board, 180 minor injuries and two fatalities. This was no laughing matter. But when the media decided to take to the screen and report this crash this is what came up on the screen:

Now it is my understanding, KTVU came out and issued an apology and blamed this mix up on an intern playing a prank. While that may be true, did not one person read it before it was live on the air? All it would take is one read to know something was wrong. Not to mention, the reporters said it on air without seeming to notice the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, some people are born with some unfortunate names. But, the names listed here are not just unfortunate, they are offensive. Now, if the news station came across some other unfortunate names I am sure they would think it was an error when sadly it wasn’t. Here are a few REAL unfortunate names:

1) Fagley Dork

2) Chubby Cox

3)Rusty Kuntz

4) Dean Windass

5) Steve Sharts

Now if these names come up on a screen newscasters, check your sources! Although, these are real names, unfortunate names like this should be verified. If however you find out this is in fact the right name, hold your laughter until after the newscast.

So bloggers, do you or anyone you know have an unfortunate name?

12 thoughts on “Unfortunate Names

  1. There was a woman who was ordered by a judge to change her sons name from Messiah, to something else. Due to the judges strong Christian beliefs. I also read a story about the smith family who adopted a little baby girl… Her name…. Aero… Yup… Aero Smith… Lawl! I feel bad, but remember nothing is as significant, as Carlos danger 😉

  2. Shae, thanks for sharing this news story about the crash because I hadn’t heard about it.

    “There were 300 passengers on board, 180 minor injuries and two fatalities.”

    OMG…bravo to the pilots for getting the plane down with such a small percentage of injuries and fatalities. That’s amazing. I think we sometimes underestimate the skill that pilots have.

    “All it would take is one read to know something was wrong. Not to mention, the reporters said it on air without seeming to notice the problem.”

    Yes, exactly. And to play around with such a SERIOUS occurrence is just plain WRONG.

    The intern should have been fired.

    Again, great post topic, girl!

    Have a super weekend….X

    • Yes maybe true but the problem is the entire story should not have been on an intern. I think when stories are of such a serious nature they need to be handled with care. That being said such an obvious prank should have been caught long before it hit the air.

  3. As hard as it is to break into journalism and TV reporting, all I can think of is WTF was that intern thinking?

    There are some unfortunate names out there. I remember as a kid, looking for weird names in the phone book and being shocked by how many Lipshitz were listed.

  4. I am in a bowling league where the executive make the teams and we let the teams come up with a name. One of my friends ended up on a team with 4 men and thanks to her maiden and married surnames, led to this team name:
    4 Guys with Strong-Cox

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