I want to be a Gilmore Girl!

On the radio last week they had a very interesting discussion question. They asked, “if you could be part of any fictional world, which one would it be and why.” The answers were pretty standard, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings…ect. But none of those fantasy worlds really resonated with me. I wanted a world that is more close to possible. It is easier to dream when the dream at least seems attainable.

And then it hit me. The fictional world I would want to be in is the world of Gilmore Girls in the lovely Stars Hollow. I know I have mentioned this show before but I think the only time I mentioned it was talking about a perfect date (going to the town where Stars Hollow is based off of). However, to be a resident of this town really would be a dream.

Here are just a few of the things I would love:

1) A grumpy yet gorgeous diner dude: Oh Luke. There really is no other diner owner like you. He brought the sassy comments and grumpy attitude to a new level. He was the best thing for Lori-lei and she was the best for him. Their banter was amazing to watch and I always wanted to find a relationship like that. Not necessarily the romance side but a grumpy friend I saw daily that also made my coffee. Because lets faith it without the coffee I has the dumb.

2) A sometimes too close knit community: I am not someone who is surrounded by friends. I have one or two people I am close to and that is how it has always been. But, being in a community like this would be like having a built in group of friends. This would be perfect for the loner like me. It would force me to socialize without too much effort on my part.

3) The crazy quirky town events: I love quirky things and this town was full of it. Each festival and event was adorable and fun. Remember bidding on the picnic baskets? Adorable! I would love to have an excuse to go to events like this and not get sideways glances from people who don’t understand the fun.

There are many other reasons living in Stars Hollow would be perfect but those are a few of the big ones. If you could pick a fictional world to be part of what would it be and why?