Tattooed weddings are beautiful too!

So I do not even remember what post it was or what it was about but awhile back a loyal blogging friend of mine sparked an idea for a blog topic. Bijoux, we may disagree but I thank you for inspiring a blog topic.

I dont remember what was said, but I wrote a note to myself to do a blog on why tattoos and white wedding dresses go together. Because darling they do! I am not yet married but as many girls do, I fantasize about my wedding day all the time!

I have heard plenty of people tell me that the location of my only tattoo might become a regret on my wedding day because “tattoos and white wedding dresses don’t go together.” But those people could not be more wrong.

To start here is my tattoo:


This tattoo means a lot to me. It says “C’est La Vie”. As a worrier it is a constant reminder that I should not stress what I can’t change. Whatever will be will be. And let me tell you. On my wedding day I will want to be reminded of that in any way possible!

Plus, black and white is one of my favorite color schemes. So for the doubters out there I got some of my favorite wedding pictures with gorgeous tattooed girls. As a note none of these photos are my own.

If even one person sees this and has a change of heart before they judge the next tattooed bride I will feel I accomplished something. We all have our own preferences but I think love is beautiful in all forms!


My High School celeb crush got hitched!

Regardless of how perfect our real life relationship is, we all have celebrity crushes. I know I have mentioned my love for JGL on this blog and I am sure at some point I will share some other crushes. But today I want to throw it back to my High School years. One of my biggest High School celebrity crushes got married last weekend and a little piece of my heart broke but my faith was also restored.

This is my story of Benji Madden.

My obsession with Benji Madden’s band Good Charlotte started my Freshman year of High School. While all the cool kids were listening to rap I was struggling to find my niche in music. I was also struggling to identify with who I really was. Then came along a new girl from a different school. She sported pink hair and a ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude. She quickly became a close friend and I was able to grapple with who I was.

One of the band’s she introduced me to was Good Charlotte. This band had everything I wanted in music. Up beat tempo, a little grunge, words I could relate to, and attitude for days. But like my pink haired buddy, they also had a hard core appearance. The members of this band (Benj included) sported radical hair styles, dark makeup (on boys) piercings, tattoos and an awesome wardrobe. A look I could never pull off.

The love for this band and this new friendship made me feel like a poser. I felt because I did not look like them I could not have similarities to them. I watched movie after movie and show after show which proved that people run with others who look like them. And I did not look like this new group I had become fascinated with.

This was something I struggled with throughout High School. I really didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t look like this group, I didn’t act like the popular kids… so where did I fit in?

Eventually I adopted the same ‘I don’t care attitude’ as the pink haired buddy I met and my love for Benji Madden became public knowledge.

My pet ferret (which admittedly was a short lived pet) was named Benji. I wore Good Charlotte attire and I rocked out to their songs no matter where I was.

When I heard Benji got married last weekend I was intrigued. Who could have caught his heart. Was she awesomely tattooed like him? Did she have a dark, sultry look to her?

The answer to all of the above was no. She was just like me. A regular girl (well as regular as you can get in Hollywood). Gorgeous of course but no visible tattoos, no heavy dark makeup, no radical wardrobe. Just a gorgeous girl with enormous talent.

He married none other than Cameron Diaz.

Let off the balloons! Hollywood is reaffirming the lesson I learned long ago. Appearance does not dictate your soul. Love can see beyond physical barriers. And it is beautiful.

So if my childhood crush had to marry someone I am thrilled it is her. Congrats Benji and Cameron! Here’s to many years of happiness!


Zombie Date Night

Now you guys know I love sharing my date nights with you, which is why I have another one to share. However, in the spirit of honesty I will tell you this one did not turn out the way I had hoped. After planning the night the boyfriend actually hurt himself at work and was unable to partake in the “activity” part of the night. That is now on our “to-do” list. But I will share the night as it should have gone.

Recently I got my boyfriend into the Walking Dead and we finished all the episodes available on Netflix. Not quite ready to end the zombie fun I decided to make a date outta it. This is what I came up with…

When he got home he was as usual greeted with his front door indicator. This time, this is what he saw:

Then when he came in the house he was served dinner. Now dinner was a bit harder to decide on because I mean really what is there to eat during a zombie apocalypse? All I could think was twinkies but that is not exactly dinner. So I decided to go a little creepy with it:

worms on a bun

Worm on a Bun

When you are desperate anything looks appetizing right?

Then once dinner was over he was handed his zombie survival kit:

zombie survival

Crude I know. But it did its job. In it was scratch tickets, squirt gun and the activity portion: Groupon to have an archery lesson!

My thought was the best way to kill zombies would be to take after my Walking Dead man crush Darrel, bow and arrow the suckers!

He was super excited but sadly couldn’t do it. I am hoping we will make use of the groupon soon though!

Anyways what did you think of our zombie date night?


Did you have a “Hoppy” Easter?

Anyone who has been following this blog for awhile knows that I go through phases where I just don’t blog. Sometimes it is hard to get me motivated. And right now with my job search going awful, I have just had no motivation. But I have missed you guys and I am going to make an honest effort to keep up with you! I have decided to get myself back into the swing of things I am going to start with a light, easy post. I wanted to tell you about my Easter :).

Normally I don’t share much of my personal life on my blog so I will keep the details to a minimum. Basically on Easter day the boy and I spent some time with his family and watched the Bruins game which was really nice. But I wanted to make sure that we had something a little special just for us as well. So on Monday night my boy came home from work to this sitting next to a pan of his favorite wings…

Easter HuntDid you read it? At first he didn’t either. He grabbed the scratch ticket and started talking about dinner. Lol! Once I explained there was a note he went back and said “so you are really making me do a hunt?”. Yes dear I am.

It was a short little hunt put together by one of my favorite blogs. If you wanna see the whole date and their awesome printables check them out the Dating Divas. They are pretty awesome for making a boring night pretty fun.

The night turned out so well I am already brewing up some ideas in my head for some future fun nights. I will be sure to share them as I come up with them so you can try them with your loved ones as well :).

So bloggers I have missed you all, fill me in. What did you all do for your Easter?


Left Out of the Marriage Loop

Alright I am not sure if this is just a girl thing, but us girls definitely have our ups and downs when we are thinking about our future and more importantly marriage. Alright maybe its not a girl thing, maybe its just me. Either way, the older I get the more and more hopeless I feel about getting married. And yes I realize it is ridiculous. I am only 25, I have an amazing boyfriend and really whats the rush? But this post is about just how much has changed in only a few years.

21 year old me was bright with promise. I had the perfect guy dreamed up in my head and I was ready to kiss as many frogs as it took to find my prince. Disney really affected this girl. I had high expectations and didn’t think anything of it. I knew what I wanted and I was willing to wait to get it just right.

I blame both!

As the time passed I started to get a little more worried but for the most part the hopeless romantic in me stayed intact. Each heartbreak taught me something new and I refined my perfect guy to match the lessons I had learned. Each time thinking it was good that I went through that so I know better of what I want.

But here I am now at 25. My newsfeed is flooded daily with engagement announcements, marriage announcements and yes new born babies. Each post that pops up I feel just a little more behind. And the more behind I feel the more hopeless I feel. And frankly that is just silly.

I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Things are great. But for some reason I still feel left out as I watch everyone pair off with forever in their grasp.

I found a video on Youtube and although the ages are different I think its quite perfect and it definitely made me laugh:

Does anyone else suffer from this ridiculous problem?


Honesty vs Surprise

Relationships are a funny thing. Honesty and communication are key but there is also something to be said for a little surprise here and there. You don’t want to lay all your cards on the table right from the start or there will be no mystery left to unfold. However, when the wedding day is near, there are a few things that the person you are marrying should be 100 percent positive about.

I decided to make a list of the things that should be 100 percent known about your husband before walking down that aisle:

5) Age: Sure they say age is only a number but if your significant other is hiding their age there can be way too many reasons. Maybe they aren’t actually of legal age (in which case run). Or maybe they are heading to the death-bed much sooner than you anticipated. Either way make certain you know your hunny’s birthday- birth year included!

4) Relationship past: Although I was one to always believe ignorance is bliss in this department, I have learned one thing, the past makes us who we are today. Make sure you know why the past relationships went wrong and even some of the reasons they went right for the time that they did. This knowledge will help you both avoid making the same mistakes and will help you hold on to the qualities your loved one finds important.

3) Family: Love them or hate them when you marrying your sweetheart you are marrying their family, GET TO KNOW THEM. Even if you learn that you hate them it is best to know exactly what you are getting into before committing a lifetime to them. Each day head start you have with them before the marriage should in theory make the marriage that much easier to handle.

2) Life Goals: Love cannot conquer all as romantic as that is to believe. Make sure your partner has the same wants and needs in life. Career goals, desire to be a parent, living plans all of that matters. Remember those are decisions you will make together once married, make sure you will be on the same page.

1) GENDER: This should be a given but please oh please don’t make that mistake. I think it is all too sweet to save the blessed even for marriage but there has GOT to be a way to avoid the embarrassing catastrophe that must’ve happened at some point to someone because they waited till that special day and got one BIG (long/ strong) surprise!


Although some of the above was said in fun- I do think this list is really important when thinking about marriage or really any serious relationship. Love just isn’t enough. Make sure that everything else fits too before taking that next step.


Dear Future (Or Current) Boyfriend

Starting the year off in a new relationship can be really scary. Of course we all try to start new and not let old mistakes take control of us but of course there are some things we wish we could all tell our new flame right off the bat to kind of warn them early on about what may happen. I came across this letter that a girl wrote to her future boyfriend and I thought this was a great idea. What would we say to our new flame if we could put everything on the table to start out. This way there would be no surprises. Now of course I can’t really write my new boyfriend a letter but I can definitely imagine what I would say…

Dear Future (or current) Boyfriend,

Well if you are reading this clearly you have made it past some serious obstacles. I can be a tough girl to crack. Congrats on getting through my walls. Sad to say my friend but you have a few more bumps in the road before it is easy coasting.

I have been through a few too many bad relationships. Because of this I have major insecurity issues. I will tell you that I am scared I am gonna screw things up at least a thousand times. If I am not saying that to you, be worried, I might not care as much as I am letting on. However, if I am telling you that, rest assured this means I really like you and I am genuinely afraid that this will turn out like all the rest, a train wreck. Best way to handle this? Reassure me as often as you can. Might seem annoying but holding my hand a little longer than normal, sending an adorable text message, or surprising me on a night I wasn’t expecting to see you will help more than you know. It’s the little things that count.

On that note, trust issues, I have those in bulk. But I do try. I will worry if your ex was prettier than me, I will worry if your super awesome best girl friend is just a little too awesome and I will worry if a text message just doesn’t seem quite cute enough. Don’t worry though, this will pass. Prove to me I can trust you. Be honest with me about your past and keep me in the loop on current events in your life. Once I know there is no reason not to trust you, I will let you in. Just be patient with me. Trust with me is earned.

Another thing you should know, you are not my only love. I am sorry but Eeyore has had a place in my heart long before you came and I refuse to let him go. He takes up much of my apartment and he will continue to devour my free space. Learn to love him. He will become a big part of your life if you want to become a big part of mine. Want to make me smile? Find an Eeyore I don’t have on Craigslist or something and take me on a day trip to get him and explore a town we haven’t been to before. Trust me, this would literally make my day.

Mostly what you need to know is I am a kind hearted girl with a wall around my heart. If you are willing to take the time to break down that wall you will find a caring, funny, sweet girl. If you want easy, move along because you won’t find it here. Nothing worth having is easy, you gotta fight for the best things in life. So fight for me and I promise you it will be worth it.

Hope this little road map helps you out as you start your journey with me!


Now of course I would never send this to any boyfriend current or future but oh what a help would it be! If you could write a letter to a future or current flame of yours what would you say?


Cestlavie’s Twisted Mixtape

So recently I became blogging buddies with Jen Kehl. On her blog she hold something called “Twisted Tuesday Mixtape”. She also encourages her blogging buddies to participate by posting their own “mix-tape’s” on their blog. I have read many people’s mix tapes. Some are dedicated to a friend, some a lover, some a family member and some a time in their lives. I dabbled with many different ideas for my mix-tape. I thought of making one for my 13 year old sister and all we have been through, I thought of making one for my best friend. But, none of them really excited me. But then it came to me!

I decided to create a “Relationship” mix-tape. This would be the tape that runs the gamet from the beginning of the relationship to the bitter end. This is for any girl who is still in the dating world. Without further ado- my mix-tape:

Relationship Mix-Tape:

Mandy Moore- Crush

Alright girls, this is that first feeling you get. You know this stage. When you look at him but quickly look away because you aren’t quite sure he feels the same. Just the thought of him makes you smile. But, nothing has really happened just yet. You are basically an admirer for now. This is where it all begins đŸ™‚


Taylor Swift- Our Song

Now you have hooked him and you are finally dating. You are in the honey moon stage here. Everything seems promising and you are both blissfully looking towards the future!

Brad Paisley- Then

This is the moment when you believe he is the guy you are going to marry. Everything has just gotten better and better and you can’t imagine your life with anyone else. But, don’t get comfortable ladies- what goes up must come down.

Brandy and Monica- The Boy Is Mine

You are still head over heels in love here but some other girl is starting to encroach on your territory. This is where you make your claim for your man and get prepared to fight. But the groundwork for distrust is laid and things are starting to fall apart.

Luke Bryan- Do I

Alright, this is the moment where you start questioning everything. He just doesnt seem to care as much anymore and you begin to wonder why you are even fighting. Is it worth it?

Band Perry- Done

Nope its not worth it. You can’t fight for both sides. A relationship is a two way street. Moving on. He will miss you. His loss.

I hope this made you smile at least a little. Of course there are amazing relationships out there and this in no ways means I dont believe in true love. But I think every one of us go through this kind of relationship before we find the right one. I’m still on that journey.

So ladies (or fellas) what are the songs you listen to during the various stages of your relationships?


Oui Oui- Ladies Agree, Accents Bring Sexy Back

When it comes to the things that attract a lady to a man, all girls are different. Some girls (like me) go for the bad boy look. Some girls, go for the pretty boy look. Some girls are attracted to a man’s sense of humor and some girls are attracted to a man’s wallet. But, one common thread runs through most of us girls, accents make us go wild.

I am not even sure the type of accent matters. Whether it be a proper english accent, an australian accent or even just a good old southern accent. Whatever it is, the accent can make an average guy seem gorgeous!

There are of course many celebrities who benefit from this universal truth. However, there is one celebrity who takes this to a whole new level of sexy. That celebrity is Bradley Cooper.

On my many times surfing Youtube, I found a video of Bradley Cooper not only with an accent, but speaking an entire other language for an interview! This man is beautiful before he even opens his mouth. But when the french words flow out of him with the perfect accent he literally becomes an angel on earth. I could watch the interview over and over again and never get bored even though I do not have the slightest clue what he is saying.

Need to know what I am talking about? See for yourself!

Ahh, see what I mean? This video is bound to put a smile on your face to start the week off right!

So bloggers, do you know any other celebrities who harness the power of the accent to captivate their audience?


Why all marriages do not have to end in divorce.

The other day I posted an innocent status. I was looking for a small gift to buy my co-worker who was returning from getting married. I posted a status looking for ideas. I was NOT expecting the replies I received. The replies ranged from divorce card to noose. A discussion began on my status thread as to why most marriages end in divorce. As a Disney child I have to admit I am 100 % a hopeless romantic. As the discussion continued I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘I hope when I get married I don’t feel this way.’ So I got inspired, I decided to go through the top three reasons I have heard for why marriages end in divorce and supply a solution.

Reason 1: When two people get married, the sex stops.

Does it have to? I get that being with the same person for years and years can get boring. But you don’t have to let it. In this age of technology there are so many ideas right at your fingertips to help keep the romance alive. Websites like: http://www.thedatingdivas.com/, have ideas not only on fun dates that can help married couples stay in love but they also have ideas to keep the bedroom exciting. If the love life in a marriage is starting to suffer why cant someone take control and start doing something about it instead of looking elsewhere?


Reason 2: MONEY, enough said.

Okay I will admit this is a tricky one. When finances start becoming a problem things begin to look bleak. This is not an easy fix especially in this economy. But, I think the important thing here is working through it together. Lets face it, two incomes is better than one, even if the incomes take a massive hit. Marriage is about loving someone “for better or for worse” so why turn away when things get rocky. Maybe take this time to become a crazy coupon lady or start planning stay at home dates that cost little to no money. Just remember, money doesn’t buy happiness. The key to getting through any money issue in a marriage in my eyes is to do it with your spouse by your side.

Reason 3: Got married for the wrong reasons.

Okay this one needs to get corrected BEFORE you get married. I have seen too many people get married too young, settle down because they don’t want to be alone, get married because they got pregnant and a million in one reasons other than LOVE. Marriage is about finding someone you want to spend the rest of your days with. If you are getting married for any other reason whatsoever, DON’T DO IT! Yes, you will hear stories where it worked out and the two people are now more happy than ever. However, the odds are that will NOT happen to you. Remember you hear stories about people winning the lottery but you are not gullible enough to quit your job assured that it will happen to you. So with the same logic, don’t jump into a marriage you do not feel 100 % about just because it MIGHT work. This is the rest of your life you are gambling with, don’t make a bet you can’t afford to lose.


Heres a tip- they are probably too young đŸ˜‰

Alright I will end my rant here. The hopeless romantic has tried to give the jaded ones out there a little hope that the major issues that lead to divorce can be fixed.

How do you bloggers feel? Do you think the divorce rate could be adjusted if we adjusted the way we think about marriage?