If I had a Youtube Channel…

One of my favorite shows to watch this season is Dancing with the Stars. I will admit that this is my first season watching it. As a dancer of 10 years when I was younger, I feel a bit ashamed to admit this. Fact is, the show is pretty awesome. I decided to give the show a shot because Janel Parrish, an actress from Pretty Little Liars (a show I love) was dancing on this season. So I figured why not? And now I’m hooked!

There is another star on this show that caught my attention. However she caught my attention because I had no clue who she was. Bethany Mota rose to fame through Youtube! Yup, she is the first Dancing with the Stars contestant who came from Youtube and you know what? She’s pretty good!

This got me to thinking though. I already blog, why not try Youtube too? The thing is many of my posts would not translate well to video so I am in debate on what kind of channel I would do if I had one. Here are the two options I am playing with:

1) Dating Handbook: Basically instead of posting my date nights and other cute ideas for dating on my blog I would video them. I would video myself shopping for the idea, creating the idea and maybe even presenting them. Thing is I dont know if anyone really cares to see that stuff…

2) Dream Girl: I have some pretty weird dreams. Mostly about murder…but the dreams are wierd enough that re-creating them might be kinda cool for a video platform. I could ask the viewers to try and shrink the dreams and tell me what they think they mean?

Both ideas have their pros and cons and really I am not sure I am even confident to star in videos every week but it might be fun. I love blogging and Youtube might just be another platform I can have fun with.

What do you guys think?

14 thoughts on “If I had a Youtube Channel…

  1. Shae, I like both of your ideas, though the dating handbook might be a little easier to pull off.

    I don’t think you’re necessarily bound to do a video every week, but viewers, of course, do like consistency. In any case, I am sure you have the skill and talent to pull this off. So give it a try!

  2. The dream one would be fun but a ton of work. The dating one is one all can relate to in one way or another though, so you may get more of a following quicker there. The cat just does nonsense on his haha

  3. Shae, can you believe that I have never seen Dancing With the Stars? Shame on me! But I have seen clips on You Tube and it looks like a great show with some awesome talent!

    I love BOTH your ideas for a You Tube channel. They’re brilliant! Especially the dating one because you are so clever with your date night ideas, so I think people would really enjoy it.

    I have a You Tube channel myself, but I only use it to host the videos I make and post on my blog. I don’t have comments open or socialize on it.

    Why don’t you start doing You Tubes on your blog as well? I do it and it’s so much fun. You can use your computer software to make them. I’ve discovered a lot of cool things to do, using Windows Live Movie Maker.

    Have a super week, my friend!

    • If I ever get comfortable on the camera I might at least do it for my blog. Although I will admit vlogs are not my favorite thing when it comes to blog platforms like this. I want to read a post not watch it.

  4. I think both ideas are great. Yeas ago I had a website where people would post their dreams and I would interpret them for them. It was fun, but it wasn’t a video thing, that would have been cool if people would post their dream vids and I would post a vid of my response.

    But your youtube channel doesn’t really have to be restricted to one thing. You can just post what’s in Shae’s head. Whether it’s date night stuff, dream stuff or even outfit of the day! I’d watch, but I’m just creepy like that!

  5. There’s another advantage to having a YT channel. You can subscribe to your favourite channels and receive updates by e-mail. That’s what I do and I’m always exposed to great music.

    Greetings from London.

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