Cajun Turkey Sandwich!

I will admit to my fellow bloggers that I am not much of a sandwich person. Problem is I get bored very, very fast with all type of food. A long time ago I had a boyfriend who worked at Subway. In order for me to be able to eat any of the subs he made for me he came up with a plan. Instead of making me a sub out of turkey or roast beef or whatever he made me a sub that changed as I ate it. The first quarter might have been roast beef with lettuce and mayo, then the next section could have been turkey with mustard, and the next section could have been salami with something and so on. This was the ONLY sandwich I have ever been able to eat in it’s entirety (except the last bite, but that is another post entirely).

Until now that is.

My friend posted about this “awesome” sandwich she made a few weeks back. I took a screen shot of the ingredients and logged it in the back of my mind as a I will try it when I am out of ideas. Well that moment came this past week. I will admit I was less than excited to try it out but I liked the idea that it was fast for a weeknight. So I figured, why not?

Here are the ingredients:

Cajun Turkey

Bulkie Roll




Iceberg lettuce

For the bacon she used already cooked bacon in a box. We had some frozen bacon so we decided to fry it up fresh for the sandwich.

I will admit the sandwich was super hot but it was also extremely good! Both my boyfriend and I were surprised at how much flavor there was! And of course it was quick and easy to make. Here it is right before my first bite:


Do you guys have any sandwiches you love making on a week night? I would love to hear about them!

20 thoughts on “Cajun Turkey Sandwich!

  1. I’m not really a sandwich person, either. I only like subs if they are on crunchy French bread. I do like BLTs, and I add avocado because I’m obsessed with them.

  2. Shae, my all-time favorite sandwich is a Club (turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato) on toasted bread. And normally I’m not a mayonnaise person, but on a Club Sandwich, I LOVE it!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, my friend. Have a super week!

  3. YUMMY Is all I can shout. I am starving too at the moment so this won’t help me. lol Just made my tummy rumble. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. I am reminding everyone and asking everyone please include the badge or a link back to me and you can always use an old or new post #sharewithme

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