Energy Drink Boil!

As many of you know I am an It Works distributor. So when I saw the energy drink boils making their rounds through Youtube I got curious…what would happen if you boil and It Works Energy drink. We did a little comparison to find out…

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Hedgehog Vlog!

Hey guys!

As you know Sinister Sister Saturday was over the weekend! My sister who actually edits the videos was away so I had to try and make the video look presentable. As a result we ended up with a very low quality video…however we get to introduce you to our new little friend, my new Hedgehog!

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Sam and Nia: The Vloggers under fire for faking a pregnancy/ miscarriage?!?

As someone starting out on YouTube I make it a point to watch as many different vloggers as I can find. And when I do find a channel I just don’t watch the popular videos, I try and watch as many as I possibly can.

So when I heard about the viral video on Sam and Nia’s channel I had to check out their channel.

For those who don’t know, Sam and Nia went viral a short while ago with a surprise pregnancy announcement video. Sam took a dropper of urine from the toilet and it tested positive for pregnancy. Only a few short days later they took to YouTube to announce that they miscarried.

And the internet was broken.

Everyone came out of the wood work to label the videos as a fake. Looking for fame, looking for success, pushing their religious agendas (they are devout Christians and very open about it).

I have to admit I was even skeptical at first. The videos both seemed very over dramatic and the one about the miscarriage seemed less emotional than I would expect.

But then I took a step back.

This is YouTube. No matter how hard you try, when that camera comes on, you are acting. Even if you are trying to act natural, you are still “acting natural”. With that camera on there is no way for things to just be as they would be. It’s not possible.

Don’t believe me? Turn on a camera and talk to it. Does your voice change? Do your mannerisms change? Are you more aware of everything you do? I thought so.

After thinking about this I realized that there are some pretty good reasons why this video may have seemed fake to me. Because it was a video. I am not experiencing real life as it is happening regardless how it may appear.

So my wish is that everyone would stop speculating and creating this negativity around the situation. There is a very good chance this is a real occurrence in two people’s lives and spewing negativity is not helping anyone.

I will be the first to admit I am not religious. I do not watch their channel for their chats about the bible or for their preaching. I watch their channel because they have a sweet family and I enjoy getting away from my own life for a while to watch something else. I appreciate the editing and hard work that is put into the channel and I appreciate the openness they have about their life and their family. It is not easy to put everything out there for the world to dissect and they have done it beautifully and taken the negativity with such grace.

For that reason I will continue to watch their channel and believe in them as good people.

I will admit some of the ads they are adding to the channel and some of the products they are getting sponsored by does raise some flags. I mean Clue a fertility app was just sponsored this week. Thing was they didn’t mention it was a sponsor in the video. They acted like it was just something they found. But at the end of the description there was a note about it. That rubbed me the wrong way.

So it makes me question intentions and now I turn to you…

For those of you who have seen their channel, what are your thoughts on their pregnancy announcement video followed by their miscarriage video?


The Difference Between Men and Women: When They Fight!

One of the blogs I like to do the most is about gender issues. I tend to get a lot of traffic on these posts and it really leads to a lot of interesting debate.

So, we decided to create a series on this topic on our Youtube channel. We want to keep things funny like they are in the blog. We are still really trying to find our Youtube voice but I think as we go along we really will find our groove and you guys will enjoy them just as much as you do the blogs.

So without further adieu..here is the latest video:

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What would you like to see for the next video in this series…

The Difference Between Men and Women: _insert your idea here–

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I have been Bean Boozled!

Hey guys! Did you miss me?!? I missed you all!

I have been insanely busy with my new job and my It works sales that blogging kind of took a back seat. BUT… I have created a Youtube channel which I have wanted to do for awhile and I thought who better to share it with than with you guys?

So I have decided to change up my blogging schedule a bit to try and make it more manageable with my crazy schedule. So I am going to try to post the YouTube video I create each week on Mondays here and Fridays will be back to regular old blog posts. And of course I will be back to visiting you all!

Sound good?

Without further adieu here is my first Youtube video…

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Thank you so much! So glad to connect with you all again!!


If I had a Youtube Channel…

One of my favorite shows to watch this season is Dancing with the Stars. I will admit that this is my first season watching it. As a dancer of 10 years when I was younger, I feel a bit ashamed to admit this. Fact is, the show is pretty awesome. I decided to give the show a shot because Janel Parrish, an actress from Pretty Little Liars (a show I love) was dancing on this season. So I figured why not? And now I’m hooked!

There is another star on this show that caught my attention. However she caught my attention because I had no clue who she was. Bethany Mota rose to fame through Youtube! Yup, she is the first Dancing with the Stars contestant who came from Youtube and you know what? She’s pretty good!

This got me to thinking though. I already blog, why not try Youtube too? The thing is many of my posts would not translate well to video so I am in debate on what kind of channel I would do if I had one. Here are the two options I am playing with:

1) Dating Handbook: Basically instead of posting my date nights and other cute ideas for dating on my blog I would video them. I would video myself shopping for the idea, creating the idea and maybe even presenting them. Thing is I dont know if anyone really cares to see that stuff…

2) Dream Girl: I have some pretty weird dreams. Mostly about murder…but the dreams are wierd enough that re-creating them might be kinda cool for a video platform. I could ask the viewers to try and shrink the dreams and tell me what they think they mean?

Both ideas have their pros and cons and really I am not sure I am even confident to star in videos every week but it might be fun. I love blogging and Youtube might just be another platform I can have fun with.

What do you guys think?


Confessions of a Car Dancer

Confession Time: I’m a car dancer. And no, I don’t mean casually moving my torso to the beat while I drive along. I mean all out head bobbing, torso grooving and hands swaying type car dancer. Oh and I also sing. And I mean sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down. Yes, I am that girl you look at when you are stopped at a red light and wonder if she knows people can see and hear her.

Well to answer your question. I do know. And I don’t care!

Dancing in the car is one of the ways I like to relieve stress. I was a dancer for ten years of my life and I absolutely love to sing (even if it is limited to karaoke). It would be absolutely silly for me to not take advantage of a juke box on wheels (yes I did steal that from a country song).

What was surprising to me was to find out that there are others out there who shamelessly embrace their desire to rock it out in a car. I found a whole Youtube channel titled “Highway Sing-Along”. I will admit this guy is a bit more ambitious than me. He actually involves other drivers in his antics asking them to sing and dance along with him. I am more of a one woman show type performer.

Regardless of our differences this guy really makes me smile and I think you bloggers could use a smile like that to end the week. So I want to share my favorite video of his channel for you to enjoy:

So bloggers it’s your time to confess. Are you a car dancer?


Would I Be Three Today Without Comments?

Today marks my three-year blogging anniversary! Can you believe it? I remember when I started this blog I didn’t think anyone would read it and here we are now three years later and I have some of the best followers I could have hoped for.

As a blogger, I live for comments. Whether the feedback be negative or positive, I love to know what my readers think. I use the comments to generate future posts, to connect with my readers and to find new blogs when new readers come my way. This is why I love that the comments here on this blog are freely available to everyone without any censorship. Which will turn me to the topic I have been mulling over, the censorship of YouTube comments.

I am sure by now most of you have heard but for those who havent, Google plus has announced that they will now roll out a way for YouTube comments to be censored. Brian Fagoli does a good job explaining the pros and cons in detail, but the gist is the author of the video will have their comments most visible, the author will be able to block certain words if they choose to and they will also be able to block certain users.

Now here’s my dilemma, YouTube comments can be pretty awful. They can be vile, racist and just plain hurtful. But they can also spark a lot of creativity. There are many times when I will see a YouTube comment and it will make me think of the video in a different light. Even if the comment is negative it can do some good. But I do understand that the overwhelming negative comments can deter people from wanting to post or even watch videos. So what is YouTube to do?

As a blogger, I feel comments are the life of our art. Without comments we wouldn’t do what we do week after week. There must be a way to have an open comment system without people abusing that power. I just don’t know what that way is.

Any ideas bloggers? Do you think Google Plus is heading in the right direction? Or do you think there is a better way to moderate comments? Let me know what you think!


Internet Stalking is Socially Acceptable

I came across an article the other day that said, Dwyane Wade took a girl to prom after she asked him via youtube. The whole event was a complete surprise as he wasn’t sure he would be able to attend but he ended up showing up and completely surprising the girl. Many of the articles I read on this focused on how sweet it was of him and how she took a 1 in a million shot and it worked out for her. But for me all I kept thinking is how celebrity stalking has taken on a whole new form.

Has anyone else joined twitter? I started one awhile ago but never got hooked until…I became a fan of celebrity stalking. There are so many celebrities on twitter its hard to choose who to follow, and more importantly who to stalk. So I started small. Quite a few posts back you may remember by mention of Josh Krajcik, the singer from X-factor that I adore. Well I decided to tweet him in hopes of an answer- and I didn’t just get one I got two! It started with a re-tweet:


And then I asked him a question and he replied!



I was in absolute heaven when I received these! Of course I have tried multiple forms of internet stalking since then- facebook, more tweets…ect and to no avail. I may have become creepy to him…so on to next celebrity…Anthony Tyler Quinn.

I am sure you bloggers remember a few posts back I blogged about Anthony Tyler Quinn and his role as Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World? Since then I have been tweeting him hoping for a re-tweet or a reply- no luck yet. I will keep trying!


So bloggers, have you gotten wrapped up in the internet stalking craze? Who is your celeb of choice at the moment?


The Whining Wife

Lately I have been putting up a lot of pro-women posts, making me look like I favor my gender over the other. However, I am actually someone who favors the company of men over women. Although I am a feminist in that I believe women can be just as strong as men and handle many of the same if not more activities and work that men can, I find all too often women play the dumb or weak card. This post I want to talk about what I have decided to name “The Whining Wife”.

Just imagine it saying “whining” instead of “nagging”

You all know someone like this girl. This is the woman who throws a temper tantrum in the middle of a store because her husband won’t have the dinner she wants to have. This is the girl who accuses her husband of cheating on her by blubbering incessantly and hiccuping her way through the argument.

This girl either depends entirely on her husband financially or pretends to. She bats her eyes and sweetens her voice expecting to get what she wants. If she can’t get what she want she finds the inner five year old and harnesses it with all she has.

This is the type of woman that gives us girls a bad rap. She makes us look weak and childish. Although I realize often this act is a ploy of manipulation it is the wrong way to play the game. If we women want to be respected as equals or even superiors we need to start acting like it.

I came across this video on youtube and could only shake my head. Video’s like this are a good part of why women are looked at as the weaker sex.


So bloggers, do you know a whining wife? How do you feel about her childish acts?