American Sniper

The one thing I worry about as I type this post is downplaying the importance of this movie. So I want to start by saying that American Sniper is a powerful movie. It is a true story and the people really did live out these experiences. I have more respect for the men in this war then I could ever portray. That being said, a movie will always make a person reflect on themselves and their own lives. That is the power of artistic representation of life. I want to talk about how this movie made me think.

This movie is about the one war I can honestly say I lived through. I think all of us can remember 9/11. For me I was only in the 8th grade. I remember that day like it was yesterday. But this movie really made me think how blessed I really am.

The main character of this movie, Chris Kyle, was a sniper. This movie, unlike many war movies I have seen, really went into how the war affected his personal life. His life with his wife and family. As the movie went on I realized how close I came to living a life just like this. I am so blessed that my life turned out differently but the reasons why don’t seem like blessings.

The boyfriend I have now, the man I plan to be with for some time wanted to be in the armed forces. I think he would have chosen the army. Being two years older than I he would have been a prime candidate for the War on Iraq. And he would have loved doing it.

As I watched the movie I saw the similarities. The passion to help others. The thirst for war. The determination. The inability to see beyond the action of the moment. And the difficulty of detaching.

But I was blessed. My boyfriend did not make it into the armed services. In actuality he hurt his back horsing around when he was younger and was unable to enlist. While I am not happy that he will have a life long injury I am happy he ended up having to remain home.

If he had gone to war there is a good chance we would have never met. If we did meet the chances we would make it were slim. I don’t think I could have ever been as strong as Chris Kyle’s wife in the movie. I don’t know if I could have done all that she did.

This movie really showed how strong the women had to be for their men. How powerful a loving home could be for these men.

I don’t know if this post seems selfish and if it does that is in no way my intent.

What I mean by that is this movie really showed me the type of person it took to be in this war. The type of person they needed to stand by their side. And I have so much more respect for them now seeing that.

Because I don’t know that I could have been that person.


If I had a Youtube Channel…

One of my favorite shows to watch this season is Dancing with the Stars. I will admit that this is my first season watching it. As a dancer of 10 years when I was younger, I feel a bit ashamed to admit this. Fact is, the show is pretty awesome. I decided to give the show a shot because Janel Parrish, an actress from Pretty Little Liars (a show I love) was dancing on this season. So I figured why not? And now I’m hooked!

There is another star on this show that caught my attention. However she caught my attention because I had no clue who she was. Bethany Mota rose to fame through Youtube! Yup, she is the first Dancing with the Stars contestant who came from Youtube and you know what? She’s pretty good!

This got me to thinking though. I already blog, why not try Youtube too? The thing is many of my posts would not translate well to video so I am in debate on what kind of channel I would do if I had one. Here are the two options I am playing with:

1) Dating Handbook: Basically instead of posting my date nights and other cute ideas for dating on my blog I would video them. I would video myself shopping for the idea, creating the idea and maybe even presenting them. Thing is I dont know if anyone really cares to see that stuff…

2) Dream Girl: I have some pretty weird dreams. Mostly about murder…but the dreams are wierd enough that re-creating them might be kinda cool for a video platform. I could ask the viewers to try and shrink the dreams and tell me what they think they mean?

Both ideas have their pros and cons and really I am not sure I am even confident to star in videos every week but it might be fun. I love blogging and Youtube might just be another platform I can have fun with.

What do you guys think?