The Fascinating Case of Dennis Rodman

After election week it is obvious that many people are really scrutinizing the work our politicians have done for us in their term. But, when you can look back on the past year and see more notable achievements from a oddball NBA player it is obvious why voters would get a little uneasy.

Dennis Rodman has been taking the credit for convincing North Korea to release Kenneth Bae. And to be honest he seems to have some valid points. He did send Kim Jong-un a letter asking for his release. Also he did visit North Korea and it the fangirling Jong-un did was undeniable. Was Rodman the reason for the release? Really only North Korea can answer that.

However, for voters it is hard to look at a scenario like this and be on the politicians side. Whatever impact Rodman did or didn’t have something worked. I don’t see a letter McCain sent over or a visit that had as much of an impact that we can point to there.

So this leads to the question, if Rodman did impact the release of Bae why was he so powerful?

Let’s face it, Rodman is not exactly the guy you would want showing up on your doorstep. He dresses outrageously, his hair is generally multiple colors and he is a tall dude. That being said he worked hard to get where he is and he is pretty down to earth. He is someone the world can look up to. He is not like celebrities who seem to be untouchable but rather another strange guy with an amazing talent. This is makes him relate-able across the countries.

Maybe politicians should use more Dennis Rodmans. Maybe there is something to be said for his success.

So here is my suggestion McCain. Instead of denying his involvement maybe you should research what worked and use it for future success. Isn’t that your job as a politician. Look for answers to the world’s problems not justify why you didn’t fix the last problem?

Just my two cents. What are your thoughts on Rodman’s involvement in North Korea?

15 thoughts on “The Fascinating Case of Dennis Rodman

  1. I’m sort of in the dark on this recent event. I know Rodman was actually getting negative press in the past for being ‘friends’ with Jong-un and for going over there. And I guess if a sports figure had been friendly with Hitler, anyone now would think that was pretty wack. I’m not sure what to think.

  2. It’s possible his “one-on-one” with Kim Jong-un led to Bae’s release – or maybe his taking credit is “foul,” at least in the “court” of public opinion. All I know is, Bae’s release is a “net” gain for his family.

  3. The same as Bijoux, I’m in dark on this recent event so I can’t even give my opinion on this topic. However, I will say that if in fact Rodman get the job done, then more power to him. And like you said, I think they should research what worked and use it for future success. But then again, they’re probably pissed that Rodman was successful and not them.

    Have a FAB weekend, my friend!

  4. I don’t know much about this story. There was always something strangely interesting about Rodman though. Hey, if he did help where others couldn’t or didn’t and it had a positive effect, that’s terrific.

  5. Very good thoughts on this issue. I followed the story quite closely. Can’t say if he influenced or not, but as long as he doesn’t “come out” as a socialist convert, if it works, it works, man. 🙂

    Greetings from London.

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