The Fascinating Case of Dennis Rodman

After election week it is obvious that many people are really scrutinizing the work our politicians have done for us in their term. But, when you can look back on the past year and see more notable achievements from a oddball NBA player it is obvious why voters would get a little uneasy.

Dennis Rodman has been taking the credit for convincing North Korea to release Kenneth Bae. And to be honest he seems to have some valid points. He did send Kim Jong-un a letter asking for his release. Also he did visit North Korea and it the fangirling Jong-un did was undeniable. Was Rodman the reason for the release? Really only North Korea can answer that.

However, for voters it is hard to look at a scenario like this and be on the politicians side. Whatever impact Rodman did or didn’t have something worked. I don’t see a letter McCain sent over or a visit that had as much of an impact that we can point to there.

So this leads to the question, if Rodman did impact the release of Bae why was he so powerful?

Let’s face it, Rodman is not exactly the guy you would want showing up on your doorstep. He dresses outrageously, his hair is generally multiple colors and he is a tall dude. That being said he worked hard to get where he is and he is pretty down to earth. He is someone the world can look up to. He is not like celebrities who seem to be untouchable but rather another strange guy with an amazing talent. This is makes him relate-able across the countries.

Maybe politicians should use more Dennis Rodmans. Maybe there is something to be said for his success.

So here is my suggestion McCain. Instead of denying his involvement maybe you should research what worked and use it for future success. Isn’t that your job as a politician. Look for answers to the world’s problems not justify why you didn’t fix the last problem?

Just my two cents. What are your thoughts on Rodman’s involvement in North Korea?


Lets Get Real!

I wanted to start this blog off by saying I am sorry for missing my post on Friday. I was laid off from work on Thursday and Friday was spent sort of soul searching trying to figure out what steps I should take next. Needless to say I am moving forward and I am back to my regular blogging schedule. Thanks for understanding!

Now I say this a lot but I really don’t like to give political opinions on this blog. However, the Government has shut down and that has basically been leading the headlines the last week. So to try and understand the reasons behind this I did a little research into Obamacare and he reasons that so many are fighting against it. I will not give my viewpoint on this because honestly I am undecided. What I will say is some of the ways people are fighting back are borderline absurd.

The one stunt that really grabbed my attention was burning Obama Care cards. Now think about this for a minute, because there ARE NO OBAMA CARE CARDS. A company called “FreedomWorks” has taken images of the old Vietnam draft cards and printed Obama Care on it. The hope is that people will burn them and take video and place it on social media. I get that this is a symbolic gesture but it is a little absurd.

Whats next are we going to appoint an imaginary President to overthrow Obama and make some imaginary decisions for us? Sadly the Government seems to be taking a page out of this book by having a strike with the idea that hurting the people of the country is somehow helping resolve the issues when the people who are making decisions aren’t actually affected by the strike.

I don’t have an opinion on what decision is made by whatever choice is made lets stick to concrete ways to resolve the issue. Imaginary strikes with imaginary cards has imaginary results. Save that for your play time with your five year old.

Bloggers, do you think this imaginary strike was a good idea?


Have We Become Prudes?

In this day and age sex is literally all around us. One minute we might be watching Miley Cyrus make out with a hammer and the next minute we are watching half naked women dance around Robin Thicke. This is the society we have created for ourselves. Like it or not, we are sex fanatics.

So why does it seem when it comes to politics we have become prudes? The politician who brought this to my attention is Anthony Weiner. Now, although I have enjoyed watching every satire from the danger theme song to commentary on just how appropriate his name is, it begs the question, what does this have to do with politics? Yes, he lied. So does every other politician every time his mouth opens. Not only are we not voting for him but every news outlet and comedian in the USA has taken to publicly shaming him. So I decided to look back a little and see if we were always this way.

The biggest sex scandal I can think of in my lifetime is that of Bill Clinton. Every jokester in the world came out for this one. And I have to admit I laughed. This scandal even went as far as impeaching him but thankfully the Senate acquitted him. And you know what? It had NOTHING to do with how he did as a president. Actually in my opinion he did very well as a President besides that. But regardless of your political views his relations with another woman was none of our business and luckily we figured that out before it was too late.

But back in the day, we never even tried to make it our business. According to Anthony Man, at the Sun Sentinel; “here are weeks when Kennedy was with three different women, not including his wife. He would occasionally have threesomes in the White House pool with two women in their 20s from the secretarial pool, even though, he said, “they did not type.” And Kennedy said he’d get headaches if he went more than two days without sex.”

During this time plenty of President’s engaged in affairs that may not have made them the best of men. But you know what? We didn’t care. So here’s my task to you. Look at your boss. Now imagine they are having an affair with their spouse. Do you care? Does it affect you getting a paycheck everyday? Does it affect the way the business is conducted? I didn’t think so. So stop basing political decisions on sexual indiscretions and focus on the issues at hand.

So bloggers, what do you think. Have we become prudes?


The Pink Shoes of Women’s Rights

As a woman, women’s rights is a topic near and dear to my heart. Needless to say, when I heard about Wendy Davis and her 11 hour filibuster I could not help but be grateful. For those who do not know the story:

“Last month, Davis staged an 11-hour filibuster that temporarily stalled the bill, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks and create new, potentially practice-ending requirements for doctors performing the procedures across the state,” according to CNN Politics.

I am not one to talk about or share political views. However, I think this was a moment that needs to be remembered and I think Wendy Davis wore those flashy pink shoes as a statement to all her onlookers and it certainly gave her some “celebrity” status. So this got me to thinking- what “pink shoes” merchandise should we expect to see in support of her cause? Here are a few I envision:

1) Pink Shoe Livestrong “esque” bracelet: These bracelets have been used to support causes spanning from cancer to gay rights. This particular bracelet would be all white sporting pink shoes. The bracelet would read “Standing Against Abortion.”

2) Pink Shoe T- Shirt: These shirts could sport a picture of the infamous shoes with a similar mantra from above.

Could we get them excited about Pink Shoe T-shirts?

3) Pink Shoe necklace: This would be an average necklace with a pair of pink shoes hanging.

Only, you know- the Pink Shoes.

This post is obviously made in jest but the general message I hope is clear. This is a cause that needs a little attention and maybe with a little help from the community we can put our heads together to protect women’s rights. Maybe silly merchandise I listed isn’t the answer so I turn to you bloggers, how would you help this cause?