The Interview

I know I have been spotty blogging lately with the holidays. I promise I will work on that! Once schedules get back to normal I will be back to my regular blogging schedule. Now on to the post…

The Interview. Now I debated about writing on this topic. Clearly it is extremely controversial and I don’t want to stir up any unwanted negativity. But I think it is a precedent setting event that is worth talking about. As a writer (if blogging counts as writing) I find that free speech is an important thing to protect. I understand that free speech only protects us from Government censorship but I think the spirit of it can be found in this.

For those who don’t know (were you living under a rock?) The Interview is a movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen and depicts the fictional assassination of Koren dictator Kim Jung- Un. The movie is meant to be a light-hearted comedy. But the hackers who got into Sony’s database did not take it that way.

The hackers got in to many of Sony’s personal files. Leaked them. And then threatened a “9/11 style attack” for any theaters that released the movie on Christmas day. This panic caused all theaters to pull the movie. Eventually smaller indie theaters took the movie back and it was released on Christmas in smaller theaters and online.

But what kind of message does this send? That we will back down from threats from other countries? That is a very dangerous precedent to set.

I have heard a lot of arguments that the making of the movie was irresponsible. And while that may be true ( I have not yet seen it) the movie should have been pulled before it was even created if that was the case. Since the movie made it to release it should have been released. That is the end of it. Regardless if it is an awful movie it passed all screenings up until release so it should have been released.

Pulling it because of threats shows other countries that we will bend to them if they threaten us. How do we know in which way they will use that on us next? We can not show a weakness in this type of scenario.

Should we be careful what type of content our movies depict, sure. But this is America and even bad movies have a right to be shown.

What do you bloggers think? Have any of you actually seen it?


The Fascinating Case of Dennis Rodman

After election week it is obvious that many people are really scrutinizing the work our politicians have done for us in their term. But, when you can look back on the past year and see more notable achievements from a oddball NBA player it is obvious why voters would get a little uneasy.

Dennis Rodman has been taking the credit for convincing North Korea to release Kenneth Bae. And to be honest he seems to have some valid points. He did send Kim Jong-un a letter asking for his release. Also he did visit North Korea and it the fangirling Jong-un did was undeniable. Was Rodman the reason for the release? Really only North Korea can answer that.

However, for voters it is hard to look at a scenario like this and be on the politicians side. Whatever impact Rodman did or didn’t have something worked. I don’t see a letter McCain sent over or a visit that had as much of an impact that we can point to there.

So this leads to the question, if Rodman did impact the release of Bae why was he so powerful?

Let’s face it, Rodman is not exactly the guy you would want showing up on your doorstep. He dresses outrageously, his hair is generally multiple colors and he is a tall dude. That being said he worked hard to get where he is and he is pretty down to earth. He is someone the world can look up to. He is not like celebrities who seem to be untouchable but rather another strange guy with an amazing talent. This is makes him relate-able across the countries.

Maybe politicians should use more Dennis Rodmans. Maybe there is something to be said for his success.

So here is my suggestion McCain. Instead of denying his involvement maybe you should research what worked and use it for future success. Isn’t that your job as a politician. Look for answers to the world’s problems not justify why you didn’t fix the last problem?

Just my two cents. What are your thoughts on Rodman’s involvement in North Korea?