Lets Get Real!

I wanted to start this blog off by saying I am sorry for missing my post on Friday. I was laid off from work on Thursday and Friday was spent sort of soul searching trying to figure out what steps I should take next. Needless to say I am moving forward and I am back to my regular blogging schedule. Thanks for understanding!

Now I say this a lot but I really don’t like to give political opinions on this blog. However, the Government has shut down and that has basically been leading the headlines the last week. So to try and understand the reasons behind this I did a little research into Obamacare and he reasons that so many are fighting against it. I will not give my viewpoint on this because honestly I am undecided. What I will say is some of the ways people are fighting back are borderline absurd.

The one stunt that really grabbed my attention was burning Obama Care cards. Now think about this for a minute, because there ARE NO OBAMA CARE CARDS. A company called “FreedomWorks” has taken images of the old Vietnam draft cards and printed Obama Care on it. The hope is that people will burn them and take video and place it on social media. I get that this is a symbolic gesture but it is a little absurd.

Whats next are we going to appoint an imaginary President to overthrow Obama and make some imaginary decisions for us? Sadly the Government seems to be taking a page out of this book by having a strike with the idea that hurting the people of the country is somehow helping resolve the issues when the people who are making decisions aren’t actually affected by the strike.

I don’t have an opinion on what decision is made by whatever choice is made lets stick to concrete ways to resolve the issue. Imaginary strikes with imaginary cards has imaginary results. Save that for your play time with your five year old.

Bloggers, do you think this imaginary strike was a good idea?

19 thoughts on “Lets Get Real!

  1. People are just being crazy about it. The fact is one group is getting mad and throwing a fit because they feel like they are losing the grip of the American people. The fact is they are losing more now because they are behaving this way. It is just dividing us further.

    Either way, sorry you lost your job. I know it stinks. Sending you a great big cyber hug.

  2. Our entire government is dysfunctional from the top on down. I think there is something much bigger at hand here and the current happenings are just utter nonsense leading up to something much worse to come. I don’t trust many of the folks running this country or most countries for that matter.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Is kind of really sad that they are so worried about shutting down the forest and open public attractions and wasting money on guarding them and gating them off it’s just a way to distract us from what is happening we are now being forced to buy Obama care a normal person making 25 to 35k a year has to buy insurance costing 3 grand a year if not have to pay a fine the normal single person might only go to the Dr or er one time a year costing half of that with your new Obama care that won’t even cover the whole visit so you are stuck paying so much more for nothing because you get to help pay for everyone that is on the system

    • I know this feeling exactly. I am one of those making such a low wage and I am so young that to me it might make more sense to pay the penalty then get the insurance. Sad decision to make.

  4. “The hope is that people will burn them and take video and place it on social media. I get that this is a symbolic gesture but it is a little absurd.”

    I agree, Shae…TOTALLY absurd! And I have to also agree with Arlee Bird’s comment. Amen!

    This whole healthcare thing is getting way out of hand as far as the media goes. You don’t what to believe or not to believe.

    So sorry to hear about you being laid off, girl. Keep the faith and something else will come up for you, I just know it. Something better.

    ((((((((( You )))))))))

    Have a super week!

  5. First, I am so, so sorry to hear about your job, Shae. I hope you will keep us updated on how you are doing.

    My greatest concern is that we are going to have a shortage of qualified doctors, because there will no longer be much incentive to become one. I had three OB/GYN’s leave the profession due to the rising cost of malpractice. I think we are going to see something similar once the Affordable Health Care goes into effect. Doctors who are up to their eyeballs in student loans will not want to be working 60+ hour weeks for lower pay and more paperwork. Introduce the government into any sort of business and it is all less quality and more regulations.

    • This is such a good concern. I dont know whats going to happen but I am honestly terrified to find out.

      Thanks for your support. I will keep you updated. At the moment still searching :/

  6. I’m sorry you were laid off, Shae 😦 I do agree with you – companies taking advantage of the shutdown just to fan the flames and make a few bucks. Sadly, there will always be opportunists out there.

  7. So sorry you were laid off. I hope something comes your way real soon. As far as the Tea Party freaks, they are disgrace to the Founding Fathers they so vehemently claim to be defending. Lies are their only option.

  8. I am so sorry to hear that you were laid off. I think that the Vietnam draft and Obamacare are such different issues that it doesn’t even make sense and is in poor taste.

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