When NOT To Pick Up a Girl

Over the weekend I was able to have a much needed night out. I decided to go to an MMA match with a few of my guys friends. For those who don’t know an MMA match is a Mixed Martial Arts Match. Basically men fight in a cage until a winner is declared. Its an actual match (not like wrestling) so blood is involved. Its not 100 percent my thing but it is pretty amazing to see how truly athletic some of these men are. The talent is pretty unbelievable.

Anyways I was with 3 men. One of the men was in training for mixed martial arts. Anyways while there a guy actually tried to pick me up. First he tried the shy way, waving me over (to talk to me away from the men surrounding me). When one of my guy friends caught on and motioned that it was not gonna happen I figured the scenario was done, I thought wrong. As the night concluded the guy found is way over to me and started chatting me up. Thank god for my friends who swooped in and got me out of an awkward scenario.

I was a walking “New Girl” episode!

But this got me thinking, was it really a good idea to try and pick a chick up at an MMA fight? Clearly any girl who is at a fight like that has a man either in the fight or by her side. Yes, I was single, but that was a very daring thing to do. I was surrounded by 3 men and it just didnt seem like the best move to me. So I started thinking do men really know when NOT to ask a girl out? In honor of this weekend’s pickup fail I decided to come up with the top 3 places (in no order) a man should NOT try to pick up a woman:

3) A funeral: Guys this one is a given. I get that the black outfit and the tears can be a bit of a turn on. Some guys even want to be able to offer that shoulder to cry on. But I am begging you please oh please do not do it. If a girl is at a funeral chances are the last thing on her mind is dating. Even if you score some face time with the girl when she is finally thinking clearly she will not appreciate the fact that you took advantage of a vulnerable situation.

Not the time. Can you see why?

2) The gym: Now I realize this one is cause for debate. However, in my opinion most girls that are at the gym are not exactly dressed to impress. Likely they are covered with sweat in less than flattering clothing. A girl does not want to feel like they need to look good at the gym. If they end up having an interest in you because you flirted then you have made their gym experience complicated. Do us a favor, don’t make going to the gym complicated for us. Find another way.

Ryan get’s it- he will wait until we are done 🙂 Thanks Ryan!

1) Work: Now I get it, some of the best relationships spawn from work. But the time to start them is NOT at work. Work is complicated enough and everyone is there to make their paycheck. If you want to start a deeper relationship with someone beyond a co-worker relationship, get to know them outside of work. But do not make the work place awkward. The moment that line is crossed there is no going back but that person will still be there every day no matter what happens.

Just no!

Guys, my point is there is a time and place for everything. I am all for fate and meeting the one but there are just some moments that are not made for meeting your soul mate. Remember if it is meant to be it will happen, don’t pick the wrong time and screw it up!

So bloggers, are there other moments you can think of that just don’t lend themselves well to asking a girl out?

12 thoughts on “When NOT To Pick Up a Girl

  1. I never understand why a guy hits on a girl when she’s with another guy or group of guys. That just seems nuts to me.

    I think a doctors office would be an awkward place to be asked out.

  2. Shae, you always come up with the BEST post topics!

    Love your list! Especially #3! HA!

    And I have to agree with you 100% about work because I got involved with someone at work and it ended up being a nightmare! NEVER again.

    What I don’t think is cool is when someone knows you’re involved with someone else and yet, they STILL try to hit on you. I’ve had that happen before as well – to me as well as my partner. It’s totally disrespectful.

    Have a FAB Monday, girl!


    • Ugh I totally agree with you on that. When you are in a relationship and it is very clear to the other person that should be a dont even think about it sign to them. It seems people just dont respect relationships the way they used to its really sad.

  3. You mean I can’t hit on a girl at a funeral, the gym, or the job?!? What does that leave–the subways?!? Seriously, though, bugging people at the office or the job can be bad medicine, even though there have been success stories in both areas.

    Bars and these dreadful singles things are pretty much out of the question for me. I’m trying to do more things that I like and meet a like-minded person.

    Now excuse me while I go get my black suit out of the cleaners. There’s a funeral at my local church and I want to check out the widow!

  4. For me, the worst possible time is when I’m at the local pub and I’ve had too much to drink. Unfortunately, that’s where I flirt the most and that’s when I’m NOT AT ALL on my game! Not smooth at all. Although I don’t do too bad, if I say so myself!

  5. First of all there are no bad places to ask a girl out just bad times. After all timing is everything. But you make some very good points.
    At the gym people my not be “dressed to impress” but that doesn’t mean you can’t maybe have a nice chat, maybeflirt a lil and if it goes well ask her to meet you for a coffee or something similar. But if she doesn’t react well to the inital contact tactfully move on. Don’t be a dick. Hell there are people, both men and women, use gyms as pickup grounds.

    While I agree its not a good idea to date people you work with sometimes it just clicks….just keep it professional when at work also on the work topic its ok to have fun. Flirt a little. even do some making out quick in secret. It can be an exciting game to play…trust me..

    • Not sure I totally agree here. While I agree that timing is everything there is also a time and a place for everything. If its meant to be it will work out at the right place.

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