Lets Get Real!

I wanted to start this blog off by saying I am sorry for missing my post on Friday. I was laid off from work on Thursday and Friday was spent sort of soul searching trying to figure out what steps I should take next. Needless to say I am moving forward and I am back to my regular blogging schedule. Thanks for understanding!

Now I say this a lot but I really don’t like to give political opinions on this blog. However, the Government has shut down and that has basically been leading the headlines the last week. So to try and understand the reasons behind this I did a little research into Obamacare and he reasons that so many are fighting against it. I will not give my viewpoint on this because honestly I am undecided. What I will say is some of the ways people are fighting back are borderline absurd.

The one stunt that really grabbed my attention was burning Obama Care cards. Now think about this for a minute, because there ARE NO OBAMA CARE CARDS. A company called “FreedomWorks” has taken images of the old Vietnam draft cards and printed Obama Care on it. The hope is that people will burn them and take video and place it on social media. I get that this is a symbolic gesture but it is a little absurd.

Whats next are we going to appoint an imaginary President to overthrow Obama and make some imaginary decisions for us? Sadly the Government seems to be taking a page out of this book by having a strike with the idea that hurting the people of the country is somehow helping resolve the issues when the people who are making decisions aren’t actually affected by the strike.

I don’t have an opinion on what decision is made by whatever choice is made lets stick to concrete ways to resolve the issue. Imaginary strikes with imaginary cards has imaginary results. Save that for your play time with your five year old.

Bloggers, do you think this imaginary strike was a good idea?