Atlantic City Adventure!

For all of my blog friends who came back and will hang with me even while I do vlogs, you rock! I love you all! If you dont mind please hit the subscribe button on my YouTube channel while I try to build that up!

Hope you enjoy this weeks video!

6 thoughts on “Atlantic City Adventure!

  1. That was a bit more than Atlantic City since you visited Lucy the Elephant in Margate. And was that pretty beach scene in Cape May? I’ve passed through Atlantic City in recent years but haven’t actually stopped off there since I was a kid way before they had any casinos. I’m sure AC isn’t dead yet, but I hear it’s really struggling.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Hey Arlee! Lucy the Elephant is actually right on the main road in Atlantic City but yes it is technically in Margate. The beach is actually on the strip as well right near the casinos.

  3. Great video, Shae! Love how you edited the beginning 🙂

    It’s been ages since I’ve been to Atlantic City. I think the last time was when when my mother and brother came up from Florida and we all met in Atlantic City because friends of our family live there.

    I don’t know when you made this video, but I’m shocked by how not-crowded it seemed. Usually this time of the year it’s PACKED with people.

  4. I would have expected more crowds there, but it sure doesn’t seem dead. Of course dead may be relative if the casinos don’t make dough I guess.

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