What makes me anxious about my bday!

Hey friends!

I have missed you!! I was recently informed that my blog is collecting dust and I thought sharing my Vlog with you would be a great way to reconnect!!

The first video is so bad it is comical but I can grow and learn with you guys just like I did with vlogging!

Hope you enjoy!!

7 thoughts on “What makes me anxious about my bday!

  1. GREAT video, Shae! You are VERY good in front of the camera, so natural!

    Several of the things you mentioned about birthdays I feel the same, such as people standing around singing, Happy Birthday to me. I actually like birthdays and have never felt apprehensive about getting older, however I tend to celebrate my birthday without a lot of hoopla. Just spending time with a few close friends is good for me. There have also been times when I spent my birthday doing something quiet – like taking a trip into NYC and just hanging out for the day by myself.

    Good to see ya back blogging, my friend! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

  2. I hate opening gifts in front of people! It reminds me of childhood birthday parties when I opened duplicate gifts in front of all my friends.

    Happy birthday, Shae!

  3. Welcome back! We’ve missed you. I love the idea of doing a vlog. Or a podcast, and cross-posting that. Technology is wonderful! I agree with the others about the gifts, too.

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