Starting my journey with BookTube!

Hey Friends!

I have decided to start my journey with BookTube. It is basically a Youtube community for those who love books! I promise I will not just do book reviews as I know not all of my friends on here are book lovers. I will do my best to keep things fun and interesting. If you have ideas or requests please leave them below!

Hope you enjoy my intro video!

3 thoughts on “Starting my journey with BookTube!

  1. Shae, I think that’s a GREAT idea! And perhaps by watching your videos, I’ll get back into reading. OMG…I’m ashamed to say this but it’s been YEARS and YEARS since I’ve read a book.

    LOVE the part in the video with the moth. It was one of those brilliantly natural and spontaneous things that happens. That moth was so big, I thought it was a butterfly!

    The best you on your new journey, my friend. Cheers!

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