The Super Bass Showdown

I want to start this post by saying I am NOT a Nikki Minaj fan. That being said her song “Super Bass” has gotten some pretty fun renditions out on the web. The two renditions that really caught my eye are by a little girl named Sophia and another one by one of my all time favorite man crushes- Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I can’t really decide which rendition I like better. They both are very different. For one Sophia actually sings in hers where Joseph Gordon-Levitt only lip syncs. Also Sophia does the whole song and Joseph Gordon-Levitt only does a small part (but I have watched it so many times it feels like the whole song at this point). Sophia doesn’t dance (she has a friend back up dancer though) but Joesph Gordon-Levitt really gets down.

I will start with Sophia. She has become so famous for this rendition that Ellen DeGeneres. discovered her and had her on her show to actually meet Nikki Minaj. See her on Ellen below. This little girl caught my heart right away. She has the most adorable accent and an attitude fit for a diva. She is really the whole package.

And then there is my man crush. JGL is probably one of the hottest men to ever walk this planet. Not only that but he is humble, smart, funny he is just everything. When I saw this video of him doing Super Bass I could not stop watching it. My heart beat really was running away…

I’m not sure I can even pick a favorite. Both these videos make me smile every time I watch them. So I turn to you bloggers- which one is your favorite?

18 thoughts on “The Super Bass Showdown

  1. Gosh, I’m so behind the times. I don’t know the song and I only saw Nikki Manaj on SNL. Still, I those girls were just adorable. I’ll give them a slight edge of JGL, even though he did a great job.

  2. I think it’s funny that JGL seems to know every word of the song. He must have listened to it a million times to get it all down. But the little girls (especially the one) is really good. She deserves to become a star! And Shae, I think you should do this song next time I see you at karaoke!

  3. Shae, what fun it was to watch these video clips while sipping my morning coffee. I thoroughly enjoyed BOTH of them! I had seen the first clip before on You tube earlier this year, while I was searching for shows on Ellen and was blown away by Sophia’s performance. That girl is going to be a STAR one day. She’s AWESOME! The video by JGL was great as well, even though he lip syncs because of his brilliant performance. He nailed the words AND the dance moves!

    Bravo to both of them!

    Thanks for sharing, girl. Enjoyed!


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