Do you get your twerk on?

On this blog I like to take notice of trends I am noticing around me and find an interesting way to discuss them. One such trend I have actively avoided talking about however is twerking. Frankly I do not have a good reason other than there is such conflicting views on this trend its unbelievable.

When I think of twerking I just imagine the kids at a middle school dance doing this on or near there dance partner. Than thought seriously frightens me. When I was in school slow dancing was pretty intense and that was even considering most of us had our arms locked completely straight in front of us for the entire dance while we swayed back and forth.

But, there are those out there, specifically the health nuts who are actually gaga over twerking. And there is good reason for it. According to this article on Healthline, “So constantly twerking for an hour, should you choose to do so, will burn somewhere between 300 and 480 calories in an hour, about the same as 60 minutes of power yoga or an hour of moderate jogging.”

Seriously? This makes me want to twerk. But then I remembered something. I am a white girl with no butt. Basically I am an unfamous Miley Cyrus. And I remembered why I avoided twerking all together.

So bloggers, whats your stance on twerking? Do you twerk it out?

19 thoughts on “Do you get your twerk on?

  1. Oh yeah, I normally twerk daily. But since my lower back injury, I haven’t been cleared by my doctor to do so. I haven’t seen any middle schoolers doing it, I guess that would be pretty disturbing and make me wish there was such a thing back when I was in middle school. Anyway, I’m hoping to be back to twerk soon. As soon as I am medically cleared.

  2. “I am a white girl with no butt.” Bahahaha….I hear you! I buy jeans with fancy back pockets because I heard it gives the illusion of having a little junk in the trunk!

    The tweaking phenom has been weird to me……like, how is it really new? Isn’t it a lap dance, but the guy is standing up? When my oldest was in high school, they called it ‘grinding’ as in NO Grinding on the dance floor at any high school dance! How many times did I have to read about that in the school newsletter?

    • Twerking takes a bit more skill than grinding believe it or not. Grinding was more rubbing your back side all over his front side. Twerking actually involves isolating the abdomen muscles and making a sharp movement with your hips. I want to face palm having to say that….

  3. I learn SO MUCH from your blog posts, Shae, because I had no idea what “Twerking” was?!? So I went over to You Tube and watched a video about it before I left this comment.

    And hell….I think do that automatically when I dance, I kid you not – HA! You should see me dance at work when a good song comes on at the MAC counter. I just let loose, right there on the sales floors and GET DOWN.

    Okay, so now I know what to call it. Tomorrow at work, I can tell everyone as I’m dancing, “Look…I’m TWERKING!”

    Fun post, girl!


    P.S And I LOVE that photo with the dolls. HILARIOUS!

    • Oh my goodness, Ronnie TWERKS?!? And at work?! I smell a blog post in the future! Twerking days of Ronnie complete with a compilation videos of the best twerking moments. What do ya say?

  4. That bathtub scene is hilarious! As I no longer have a young child in the house, I haven’t given much thought to twerking. I know you won’t catch me twerking; I’d throw my back out!

  5. not being a “trendy” person i haven’t really taken much time to think about it….but after doing a little more research the pelvic gyrations are reminiscent of both African and Native American tribal dances. funny how things come full circle ha….

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