Viking Date Night!

There is a saying that I really love that says, “Find joy in the ordinary”. I really love this quote because it is a reminder that even the simplest things in life can make us happy if we take the time to enjoy it. I have really been trying to live my life by this reminder lately. Things haven’t been all that easy while I search for a job and it becomes far too simple to forget the joy in the simple things. Things could always be worse and its important to enjoy what we do have.

With this in mind I set up a little date night for my man to try and bring a little joy to an ordinary thursday night. Not too long ago he mentioned to me that “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is a movie he wants to go see with me when it comes out. He was astonished to learn I never saw the first one. So I decided to set up a fun little night to fix that.

I did some internet research and learned that the movie was about Vikings and Dragons. This is what the boy found on the door when he got home:


After he read the sign he entered to dinner prepared for him. I found this blog post and decided to make a dinner of Pork and Veggies.


Also on the above blog I got the idea to try and make some grog. I couldn’t use the recipe she shared because it had almonds and I am allergic so I tried this one.

After a sip or two we both decided grog was not for us. But I will admit I was a bit heavy handed with the rum…


Now no date night is complete without a little fun. If you noticed on the sign I challenged him to a game of Spoon Frog. Here is what it looked like when he walked in for the game:

Spoon Frog

This game comes from the game show “Minute to Win i”. Basically the goal is to get the second spoon to catapult in the cup by hitting the first one. We didn’t time the game we just said after a little practice that the first to three is the winner. He of course won.

We then got to enjoy the movie together and relax for the rest of the night. All in all it turned out to be a pretty fun date night. Anyone who wants to try the game here is the blueprint from the tv show to teach you how to do it.


Has anyone else had a Viking style date night?