Female Mozart?

Hey guys! Sorry it has been so long since I have been on. Rest assured though, I have made it my New Years Resolution to post at least once a week. Internet will be hooked up in my apartment tonight so this will be possible! Sadly, I had been keeping a list of all the interesting topics I wanted to blog about but due to the time lapse I am unable to remember any of them. Don’t worry though I will make sure this year I post only the best content. If there is anything you would like me to blog about just leave me a comment and let me know. Here’s to a great year of blogging!

For the first post of the year I have decided to go with a happy story. Heading into this New Year my spirits were pretty low. I am unsatisfied with my jobs, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree but I am not yet enrolled in higher education and I am living paycheck to paycheck. My dreams at this point seem unattainable. However, by surfing videos on the net I really start to see that I am pretty lucky. Lucky to have a job, lucky to have a supportive family and boyfriend and lucky to have goals to aim for.

However for some people lucky doesn’t come close to summarizing their life. Please watch this video of this adorable 6 year old girl:


This girl isn’t just lucky. She is talented! This might in fact be the next Mozart as the video title suggests. This might be the next FEMALE Mozart. Talent like this in a child so young and appreciative can brighten my mood on any day. Hope this video made you smile 🙂