Whitney Houston: Flags Half Staff?

I want to start this post by saying that I am deeply saddened by the death of Whitney Houston. Not only was she a fantastic singer and a true inspiration but she was also a talented actress. I understand that this woman dealt with alot of personal demons and that she struggled with substance abuse throughout her life but her talent will never be forgotten. I remember one song in particular that always got me through when I was doubting myself. I would like to share this song as a tribute to her:

I have heard alot of talk over the last week that because she was a substance abuser she “had this coming”. I really find this quite an unfair statement. I don’t think any one of us can honestly say we understand what it was like to live in her shoes. How many of us could step into the spotlight and have our privacy completely stripped away. How many of us could be critiqued daily on the clothes we wear, our performances, our day to day activities and anything else someone decided to talk about? I think this type of lifestyle is very misunderstood and just because someone is “famous” and has money we like to assume they are happy. This is too often not the case. Look at the string of celebrities that have died just recently from substance abuse. Just because they lost the battle with their own personal demons does not mean that their death is any less significant. No one can deny that Witness Houston was a music icon and she deserves to be recognized.

That being said I do NOT believe that she deserves to have the flags flown at Half Staff in New Jersey to honor her death. This debate has sprung up and many people have conflicting opinions. I believe that the flag should be flown at half staff ONLY for fallen soldiers. I don’t believe this honor should be bestowed on ANYONE else. I think when we start doing this for more than just the fallen soldiers the symbol begins to lose its meaning.

Whitney Houston deserves to be honored by an increase of record sales. According to a NY Times article, “She sold 101,000 albums in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, compared with 1,700 the week before.” This increase is deserved. She should be honored for her talent and the music that she has left in our hearts. I also feel her being honored at the Grammys was deserved and I hope that they also honor her at the Academy Awards. There is no doubt that she is a legend and she deserves to be honored in the appropriate venues.


What is your opinion? Should the flags be flown at Half Staff to honor Whitney Houston’s death?