It Works!

I want to start this post by saying I will make it short and it will be the ONLY post about this. I do not want my blog to become a sales blog. That being said, I have started out on a new venture. On top of my part time and full time job I have decided to become a direct sales consultant for “It Works.” I am hoping this company will help supplement my income enough to get myself out of debt. After the unemployment last year it is taking a lot to try and catch up so I am willing to work hard to get where I need to be.

So what is “It Works”? This company sells all types of natural products to help with your appearance. Their flagship product is the wrap. Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? Basically the wrap is meant as nutrients for your body to help tighten and tone you. The common misconception is that it will help you lose weight. This is not the purpose of the product. We also sell products such as protein powder and greens which can help you along this weight loss goal. These products are meant to be used together. There is no quick fix!

One of the best sellers that we have is a product called Hair, Skin and Nails. This product is a supplement packed with biotin that allows your hair to grow healthy and strong. This is such a great product and really who doesnt want to have beautiful hair?

If you want to try a product we ask that you commit to three months. If you do that you will be considered a loyal customer and will receive a big discount off the top. For example a box of 4 wraps sells for $99. If you agree to be a loyal customer you will receive that same box of for for $59.99. It is worth it!

If you are interested in trying any of these products leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you with more info!

Thank you all for supporting me on my new adventure!


Sometimes Real Isn’t Always Best…

Now every once in awhile on this blog I will share an opinion that most will not agree with. Now wipe the shocked look off your faces and consider this a warning. I know that I am walking on egg shells with this one and I might offend a few of you. I want to say up front that this is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to have their own view on this topic but this is mine. Feel free to disagree!

So recently a story went viral about a fellow blogger who had amazing success on her weight loss journey and got the opportunity to share it with Shape Magazine. The woman lost an amazing 200 pounds and her story is phenomenal. The catch was at first entry the magazine would not allow her “after” photo in a bikini in the magazine. They requested she submit a photo with a shirt on. Please see her bikini photo below:

Now the blogger, Brooke Birmingham over at her blog “Brooke Not On A Diet”, fought back and the magazine has agreed to run the photo as it stands. Brooke was upset because she felt that not being allowed to show her photo was not showing her true story. She was proud of how much she lost and how she looks now. She wanted to share the real story of weight loss with the world.

Now here is where I know people will not agree with me. I feel the magazine made the right decision in the first place. While I agree she did an amazing job losing the weight she did and will inspire many with her story, I don’t feel the above photo needs to be run in a magazine. Often times we look to magazines knowing that the pictures are cleaned up and the stories are fantasized but they make us feel good and give us hope. Seeing a photo like this could very realistically turn someone off to losing the weight they need. I am not saying it would for everyone but I am saying that I would not open to a photo like this and think “man how can I get my body to look that way?”.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with her sharing her story with a shirt on. I feel it could inspire just as many without the shock value. I relate this to a story of a war hero. The story is going to have just as much of a powerful impact even if we neglect to show a gruesome photo of the war injuries they suffered. Sometimes realistic isn’t exactly what we are looking for but rather optimism even if its a little naive.

How do you feel about this bloggers? Did the magazine make a wrong decision in denying the photo in the first place?


Slimkicker.com Fitness Goals become Level Ups!

One of the things I have really trying to get motivated to do is work out. On all your amazing blogs I see that many of you are achieving your fitness goals in a myriad of ways. I, however, can never find a fitness regiment that I can stick to. For me the goal is not to lose weight, if I did I might wither away, but rather to get in shape. I would like to be able to walk a distance in any weather and not be completely out of breathe. But I can’t stay motivated!!!
However, I came across this site that is really perfect for me! http://www.slimkicker.com/ is a fitness website that turns your fitness goals into a video game challenge. As a gamer who enjoys leveling up and completing challenges this is just the motivator I need. If you head over to their challenge section they have multiple challenges with a duration of time for you to complete.

For example, one of the challenges is to kick soda. Talk about a challenge! But its worth points and the more points you earn the closer you get to your goal. You make your own goal. The goal could be a dress you want to buy, a place you want to go, anything at all! Just upload a picture and earn those points!


Another cool feature of this site is the “Grocery Foods” section. This section has a calorie count for all your basic grocery foods and all their brands. My lovely bacon you are packing around 255 calories…don’t worry I still love you- just in moderation!

Head on over and check this site out! Its free and its a fun way to work towards your fitness goals! Let me know what you think!