The Pink Shoes of Women’s Rights

As a woman, women’s rights is a topic near and dear to my heart. Needless to say, when I heard about Wendy Davis and her 11 hour filibuster I could not help but be grateful. For those who do not know the story:

“Last month, Davis staged an 11-hour filibuster that temporarily stalled the bill, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks and create new, potentially practice-ending requirements for doctors performing the procedures across the state,” according to CNN Politics.

I am not one to talk about or share political views. However, I think this was a moment that needs to be remembered and I think Wendy Davis wore those flashy pink shoes as a statement to all her onlookers and it certainly gave her some “celebrity” status. So this got me to thinking- what “pink shoes” merchandise should we expect to see in support of her cause? Here are a few I envision:

1) Pink Shoe Livestrong “esque” bracelet: These bracelets have been used to support causes spanning from cancer to gay rights. This particular bracelet would be all white sporting pink shoes. The bracelet would read “Standing Against Abortion.”

2) Pink Shoe T- Shirt: These shirts could sport a picture of the infamous shoes with a similar mantra from above.

Could we get them excited about Pink Shoe T-shirts?

3) Pink Shoe necklace: This would be an average necklace with a pair of pink shoes hanging.

Only, you know- the Pink Shoes.

This post is obviously made in jest but the general message I hope is clear. This is a cause that needs a little attention and maybe with a little help from the community we can put our heads together to protect women’s rights. Maybe silly merchandise I listed isn’t the answer so I turn to you bloggers, how would you help this cause?