November When….

One of the things I love about the website “Dating Divas” (which I know I mention all the time) is their monthly calendars with daily ideas for keeping it interesting in your relationship. Some of the ideas are full on date nights while other ideas are simple things like “compliment your significant other”. I try to go through the calendar often and participate in as many little things as I can.

One of the tasks for this month is having a “November When” date. The idea here is to talk with your spouse about a memory from November. This could also be a group date basically having a round table discussion about your favorite November memories.

I thought this was a great idea for a blog post as I love hearing about you guys and it seems many of you like learning a little more about me! So here is my November when…

As a kid growing up I was very introverted and shy (not unlike now.) Any gatherings that made me get out of my comfort zone made me nervous and I would avoid them at all costs. So when November rolled around I would absolutely dread having to do my Thanksgiving leaf.

What is that?

Well my Mom’s best friend would have all of us kids (and adults) take a paper leaf and write one thing we were thankful for on it. We would then put the leaf up on display and often we would talk about what we wrote. I absolutely HATED this activity. I could never think of something good to write and I always felt like I wouldn’t sound grateful enough.

Now looking back I really miss doing that. It was a way to remember the things we had in life. It was a way to focus on the postitive. However, as a kid it was only a source of anxiety.

I might consider bringing this in to my home but not as a requirement. Maybe even just something for me personally. To November when…

So bloggers what is one of your favorite November memories…


I Am Thankful I Am NOT A Lottery Winner!

After a day of being thankful today marks Black Friday. The day where crazy shoppers go to get all the deals to make their holiday shopping just a little bit cheaper. As the holiday madness starts don’t we all wish we could come into a big sum of money and not have to worry about the credit card debt that awaits most of us when the holidays are over? A man in Columbia, South Carolina earlier this year won over 400 million dollars in the local lottery- do you think his holiday shopping will be a bit easier?

As much as I would love good fortune like this man, I am writing this post to say I am thankful I am NOT a major lottery winner like this man. I know we all keep our fingers crossed for things like this and we all hope it would happen to us, but do any of us really want the responsibility? I would like to turn to T.V to show why I am thankful I am not the lottery winner this year:

3) Hurley from “Lost”- Who can forget this lovable Hagrid like character? We all loved and adored him but before he was on that island life was far from easy for him. The lottery changed his life and not in a good way. He was worried about his life every second of the day. I am sure if he could turn back time he would have never won the lottery in the first place.

2) All the Characters on “Lucky 7”- While this show suffered a bad fate- it did show how although money might be the answer to our prayers it does also cause so many problems that we may not be prepared to deal with.

1) Charlie from “It Could Be You”- This man wins a 4 million dollar lottery! Only catch is he promised a waitress he couldnt tip that he would share his winnings with her if he won- when he did his wife wasnt exactly fond of his plan. Caught between keeping his word and keeping his wife this man learns that winning the lottery may not have been the blessing he once thought it was.

After a day of giving thanks I think it is important for everyone to remember that the grass always seems greener somewhere else but we need to appreciate what we have instead of yearning for what we don’t. This should extend past Thanksgiving and follow us into the holiday season. Instead of hoping for 20 gifts under the tree lets be grateful for the family and friends we have to share it with.


Happy Thanksgiving bloggers!


His and Her Thank You Jars!

As I was surfing pinterest a few weeks ago I came across a craft that was actually in my wheelhouse. The craft can be found here: http://hooahandhiccups.blogspot.com/2012/11/thanks-jar.html?showComment=1352334812131#c8561635180488819403.

Basically, they decided to make a “Thank you” jar for the family. They used odds and ends around the house and made a jar. Now the whole family can put things they are thankful for in the jar in celebration of Thanksgiving. I really liked this idea but being in a house of only two people it sounded a bit silly to me. But then I thought of a way to put a semi- romantic spin on things.

Being someone who hardly says thank you to anyone, I thought this could be a good opportunity to show my boy I really do appreciate him. We decided to make His and Her Thank you Jars. We made one jar for each of us, one boy and one girl. We are going to put little things in them that we are thankful to the other person for. This way we can say thanks without even opening our mouth. Sounds perfect to me! Without further ado check out our jars:

For the “His” jar we used some ribbon to make a tie and we put a little mustache from mustache duct tape on him. You cant see it in the pic but under his tie there are three circles we thought looked like buttons. Then down the sides of the jar it says thank you.

On the top of the jar we took doily and put the word “His” on it and cut a slip to put in our paper.

The “Her” jar was a bit more elaborate. We used present ribbons to make blonde hair. We used a pinky purple scrunchy for the skirt. And if you squint hard you can see the massive red sparkly bow on the back of her head. Her “thank you” is right across the front.

Same jar top as the “His” one but this one says ” Hers” 🙂

Arent they precious? I think my first entry into the “His” jar should be ” I am grateful you took the time to make my silly thank you jars with me!” Hope you liked our silly craft! Let me know what you thought below!

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