Can you tell me what I look like?

With the free time I have had lately I have been trying to force myself to work on the book I have told you all about. Now I have had more unsuccessful days than successful ones but I have gotten some writing done. What I have noticed is I lack detail. And most noticeably I lack detail in the appearance of my characters.

Now what is hard for me is that I see them already fully fleshed out in my head. But I have no idea where their images came from. I assume it is from the things they have said and done in the book so far. With that in mind though why have my test readers not been able to picture them with the clarity that I have?

So this got me wondering. Can we really imagine a person’s appearance solely on the things they say and the things they tell us they do? If we can get an image of that person is it even close to what they really look like? I want to find out!

So bloggers, I am looking for you to tell me what you think I look like. I know I have made mention of different physical aspects of myself on various posts and I believe I even posted a crude photo of myself awhile back. But for the most part I have not described my appearance at all. This test is to see if personality can at all illustrate one’s appearance to a perfect stranger.

Hopefully this test will help me decide how to proceed with illustrating my characters for my readers. Happy guessing!