Who am I breaking up with?

So we have all had break ups. We have all had that awful after shock where we have to remove their clothing, pictures and other random items from our lives so we can move on. However, the question I have is what about the family?

Alright if this is his family- maybe you should break up with them too…

When two people have a long term relationship, the family gets involved. You may become best friends with his sister. You might become shopping buddies with his mom. Maybe you are a tutor for his younger sibling. So when the two of you call it quits, is it also essential for you to break up with the family?


My wildly unpopular opinion is, NO! You are both adults (well o.k this opinion is under the assumption you are both adults) and you can make friends on your own. Sure, you former other half introduced you and happens to share blood with this friend of yours but they do not share a brain. If the family member is willing to keep you in their life after the break up I say go for it! There was a reason you guys bonded and I don’t think a romantic misstep should mean the ending of a friendship.

So this begs the question, how will this friendship work? Well there is one golden rule. Never and I repeat NEVER bring up your former boo with their familial relation. This means not asking how their new flame is working out no matter how badly you want to know, this means not asking if they are spending their days in a dark basement pining after you, this means not asking if they mind slipping cyanide into their morning coffee as a special gift from you. The topic must be completely out of your conversations at all time. If this rule is followed I think a continued friendship is healthy and completely O.K.



So bloggers what do you think? When you go through a break up do you break up with the family as well?


Taking A Little Time For Me!

During my travels in the blogosphere I noticed a growing trend. Many bloggers are posting lists of things they like about themselves. Even more shocking to me is there are ALOT of things on this list. One of the favorite lists I have seen is over at Misty Laws Blog (<a/>http://mistyslaws.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/i-feel-pretty-oh-so-pretty/<a/&gt;). I decided after reading her list that I wanted to try this as well. However, I wanted to add my own little spin to it.

Not too long ago I went through a dark time. A friend of mine told me that a good idea to get through a dark time is to write down the awesome things you have done in your life. Acknowledge the people you have in your life that had a positive influence on you and embrace the good, bad and ugly parts of your life. I have compiled a top ten list of things that I can recall from my life that make it a little easier to accept the things that are far from making the list:

10) I struggled like hell but I made it through college and came out the other side with a Bachelor’s Degree. Was it worth it? Well THAT is another blog post…

9) I am 24 years old and I manage to live in my own place and own my own car…I am making some progress…

8) I have finally been able to sing in front of others instead of only singing to the steering wheel and shower head…does the audience appreciate this…welll…who asked them?

7) I have developed a cute little following for my blog. I started off with nobody reading my blog and now I can count on a few close blogging friends to read every post 🙂

6) I have a solid job in the field I intend to stay in. In this economy this is something to truly cherish.

5) I have a small group of awesome friends that I never had before. For most of my life I was a loner but I have learned to make contacts with those I care about and not push them away- for those who know me THAT is an accomplishment.

4) I have started writing a novel that I am really passionate about. Lack of motivation aside I think if this ever gets completed it will really be a novel I can be proud of.

3) I am the proud Aunt of an adorable nephew whom I love more every day.

2) I am the Mommy of the best dog in the world- no one else opinion is needed on her- I am talking to YOU!

1) I have a little sister who has always and will always look up to me. She is my rock, my best friend, my world. She is the reason I strive every day to be the best that I can be.

Have you made a list like this? Let me know so I can check it out 🙂