Are men or women more sympathetic when the other is sick?

On the radio this morning they had a very interesting discussion question, “which gender is more sympathetic when the other one is sick?” This question found me at a great time because my boyfriend is just starting to get sick and the discussion about how differently men act when they are sick as opposed to women came up.

Now the radio said the survey proved that men are more sympathetic when the other is sick. At first I really did not agree with this. My reasoning was simple. Women tend to be the caretakers. So women tend to be the ones who make their partner soup, make sure they are taking medicine, make sure they are getting rest. While men have good intentions I have no experienced many men who are inclined this way. While my current boyfriend definitely takes care of me, it is not a gender thing but rather a fact that he is a good guy.

He gets a gold star for being awesome!

The more I listened though the more I agreed.

Here is where my first thoughts were wrong. Women are in fact the caretakers but that was never the question. The question was about sympathy. If you take a pole of ten women in the room it is almost guaranteed most women will say men are babies when they are sick (including me). That does not scream sympathy. If anything that is the opposite.

But men don’t generally feel this way about women. Of course the reason could be that many women (including myself) continue on with their daily lives even while sick. Many of us don’t slow down. We are women hear us roar! So men may have more sympathy because they understand how they feel when sick and women don’t show it as much.

Of course these are generalizations and many women and men might fall in the other side of things here which is why I find is such a fascinating discussion questions.

So I turn to you bloggers. Which gender do you feel is more sympathetic when the other is sick and why?