Sharknado Date Miss!

One way you know my blog is not a reality show is that unexpected things happen. And not always positive ones. It doesn’t matter how much thought I put into date nights, sometimes they do not work out. Sometimes things happen and we aren’t able to do them like I had hoped. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t share my plans with you so maybe some of you can have success with them.

This date night that never came to be was Sharknado date night. I had heard this movie was funny with a sci-fi theme so I figured it was perfect for us. I checked a few months back and he hadn’t seen it yet so on the list it went. The invite did make it to his car and it looked like this:

shark Invite

But that is as far as the date got. On my way home from work that day I got a phone call that went a little like this:

Him: “Hey so I got your invite and you wouldn’t have gone as far back as Jaws for this one, right?”

Me: “No, why…?”

Him: Because I may have watched Sharknado on Netflix not too long ago…I’m sorry.

And that was that. Date night was squashed. We still had a good time together but never got to our Sharknado theme. In some ways it is good because I never quite settled on the activity. Here were the two main options in my head:

1) Saving Tara Reid: Basically I would fill plastic cups with water. One cup i the middle would have shark teeth on it and the goal is to get the objects into the shark teeth cup to save Tara Reid.

Saving Tara Reid

2) Adopt a Shark: This one would involving adopting a shark here and playing a game to come up with the name. Basically each of us would get a letter and 60 seconds and whoever came up with the best name in that time would win.

So even though this date night didn’t become a reality it doesn’t mean it can’t be for you. If you try it out please let me know what activity you picked and how it worked out!

Have a sharktastic week!