Carnival Themed Date Night!

If you have been reading this blog awhile, you know I am afraid of clowns. For anyone who needs a refresher, check this post out about my encounter with a twitter clown. To sum it up, I am petrified. Needless to say when my boyfriend found out Stephen King’s “It” will be remade and in theaters in 2015 he can’t stop talking about it. He finds my fear so funny that he has threatened to hide a clown in the house for me to find one night when I come home. So I decided the only way to beat it, is join him.


I made a date night out of it. I figured if the movie wasn’t the only focus I would have an easier time getting through it and hopefully taking a little of the fun out for him. So when he came home from work he found this:

InviteProblem was the invite was a bit too small and he is basically oblivious to the world around him. Note to self: next time making a neon sign style invite so he can’t miss it.

From there he was served carnival style food. I. E Chili dogs and fries! The plan was to also serve caramel apples for dessert but unfortunately I ran outta time. For anyone who is gonna replicate this date at home, make time for those caramel apples!

Frank and Fries

After Dinner was served it was time for a little carnival style game! What better game than a ring toss? I used beer bottles and paper plates with a hole cut out in the middle. If you are a ring toss expert, definitely try this! It is hard to do but not impossible. If you are ring toss impaired like apparently we are I would try something heavier, maybe a roll of duct tape. We found the plate had a mind of its own and we had quite a tough time. But it was still lots of fun!

Ring TossNow whats a carnival game without a prize right? Well I don’t know if you remember my Viking Date Night, but if you do you will remember that the winner of that game had to pay for dinner. Well as the loser I didn’t wanna make that mistake two times in a row. So this time I went with a cheaper but still fun alternative.


Of course I lost the Ring Toss (well actually he got one plate on the bottle and we realized that we should quit while we were ahead). But there was not a winner in the bunch! Oh well!

And then it was time to sit down and suffer through enjoy the movie. I have to say I did pretty good until it was over. After the movie was over I had to shut the curtains in the shower to go to the bathroom, I woke up in the middle of the night convinced a shadow on my wall was a person and I was convinced leaving my closet door open was asking for trouble.

But I made it through! That is saying something and it has definitely quieted down the taunting (for now). What do you think of my Carnival Themed Date Night?


Rolling Right Off My Top Song List

Alright, I am a 90’s chick. That being said I have a soft spot for 90’s Alternative music. When it comes on the radio I like to roll my windows down, tap on my steering wheel, and sing at the top of my lungs. This music brings me back to when I was young and carefree and had all these crazy ideas about how love and relationships would be in my later years.

Pandora, has given me a way to touch in to this gold mine of music and bring me back to the carefree days of my childhood. The other day at work I was bobbing along to this very station when one of my old favorite songs came on. Not remembering the name or the band for this song I decided to pull up the information on Pandora. To my surprise the title was “Roll to Me” by Del Amitri.

I continued bobbing along to the song singing what I thought was all the right words. For the life of my I could not figure out why the song would be named “Roll to Me”. I decided to run a Google search to solve my confusion. To my horror I found out that I had been singing the song wrong all these years, and in all honesty the ACTUAL lyrics made me like the song less!

I will focus on the first time the title comes up in the song, verse one. The REAL first one is as follows:

Look around your world pretty baby
Is it everything you hoped it’d be
The wrong guy, the wrong situation
The right time to roll to me
Roll to me

Now I had all the lyrics correct up until, “..to roll to me.” All these years I believed the singer was saying ‘The right time, the wrong me.” Now before you start laughing hysterically at me, hear me out.

I think MY lyrics send a much better message. First off, in the real song is he trying to woo some 50’s diner waitress who is still wearing her skates while he sings to her? Or maybe he is wooing a diehard cyclist who doesn’t dismount her bike for their encounters? Either way, he never explains why she is “rolling” to him but whatever the reason, this girl has issues.

However, in MY version of the song the guy is explaining why they hadnt worked and why the song is needed. All up until this point he had been the wrong guy, in the wrong situation, it was the right time but it was the wrong him. He wasnt the guy he needed to be to be with her, but he is now. I thought this was such a sweet and rare sentiment. So rare apparently it was only in my head!!

So bloggers, what version of the song do YOU like better and why?


His and Her Thank You Jars!

As I was surfing pinterest a few weeks ago I came across a craft that was actually in my wheelhouse. The craft can be found here: http://hooahandhiccups.blogspot.com/2012/11/thanks-jar.html?showComment=1352334812131#c8561635180488819403.

Basically, they decided to make a “Thank you” jar for the family. They used odds and ends around the house and made a jar. Now the whole family can put things they are thankful for in the jar in celebration of Thanksgiving. I really liked this idea but being in a house of only two people it sounded a bit silly to me. But then I thought of a way to put a semi- romantic spin on things.

Being someone who hardly says thank you to anyone, I thought this could be a good opportunity to show my boy I really do appreciate him. We decided to make His and Her Thank you Jars. We made one jar for each of us, one boy and one girl. We are going to put little things in them that we are thankful to the other person for. This way we can say thanks without even opening our mouth. Sounds perfect to me! Without further ado check out our jars:

For the “His” jar we used some ribbon to make a tie and we put a little mustache from mustache duct tape on him. You cant see it in the pic but under his tie there are three circles we thought looked like buttons. Then down the sides of the jar it says thank you.

On the top of the jar we took doily and put the word “His” on it and cut a slip to put in our paper.

The “Her” jar was a bit more elaborate. We used present ribbons to make blonde hair. We used a pinky purple scrunchy for the skirt. And if you squint hard you can see the massive red sparkly bow on the back of her head. Her “thank you” is right across the front.

Same jar top as the “His” one but this one says ” Hers” 🙂

Arent they precious? I think my first entry into the “His” jar should be ” I am grateful you took the time to make my silly thank you jars with me!” Hope you liked our silly craft! Let me know what you thought below!

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