Free the Nipple?!

Okay for those of you who don’t know, I am a woman. I know that is pretty shocking news. But I am. And as a woman I yearn to be a feminist. I just love the idea of it. Girl power and all of that jazz. But there are so many times I find myself really struggling to get behind a feminist movement. This is one of those times.

Apparently a feminist movement found new strength after Bruce Willis’s daughter made a stink about it. The movement is called “Free the Nipple.” Bruce Willis’s daughter brought this movement to the public attention because instagram would not let her post a picture that had nipples exposed. They were not here nipples but nipples none the less. She did not find this acceptable. So “Free the Nipple” became relevant again.

The idea behind the movement is pretty simple. Women want to de-sexualize the female breast so it will no longer be considered taboo for it to be seen in public. Many women are pointing to the fact that the sexualized female breast is a social construct and is really only a breast. Women want people to see the female breast the same as the male breast. So they want to “Free the Nipple.”

Celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have shown their support for this movement. Remember that mesh dress Rihanna wore not to long ago that showed off most of her body. That was in support of this movement.

The problem is I just can’t get behind this. In my opinion there is a point of self-respect and decency that should over take feminist ideals. Is it not fair that men can go around topless and women can’t? Maybe. But the fact is men do not have breasts. Yes some have man boobs but they are entirely different. And yes maybe it is a social construct to sexualize them but you know what, I kinda like that social construct. Women like to feel sexy and admired right? Well if you take away all the aspects of a woman that make her sexy what are you left with?

I do believe that breast feeding in public should be allowed and I realize that is a crux of this movement as well. But I also believe that women should have to do it with decency. Cover up while feeding the baby. I don’t think that is asking too much.

Maybe I am wrong to feel this way but I like that there are differences between men and women. It is what make us who we are. I don’t think taking all that away so there is no mystery and no allure is going to help the world. The world would be a pretty boring place. So ladies if you want to go around flopping your boobs in the air for the world to see, go for it. It just isn’t for me.


I know this is a pretty hot topic right now so I am really interested to see what you guys think! Let me know in the comments below!




Relationships in the Media

The media has a way of controlling our outlook on so many things. The media shapes what we wear, what we eat and even who we date. The problem with this is the media has a way of showing the most dysfunctional relationships and making them seem almost normal. For young and impressionable girls (like myself) this can be awfully confusing. There are three relationship types I have noticed really highlighted in the media over the last year or so:

The Giant Age Gap:

Relationships like Hef and any one of his many wives is NOT normal. These girls are with him for one thing and one thing only- money. The marriages are strange and the whole living arrangement is down right disturbing. However, I myself sometimes watch “The Girls Next Door” and think to myself…hmm that wouldn’t be so bad…This is NOT O.K. Girls we need to make a vow that we will put a limit on these insane age gaps. Money cannot cross 50 years…lets have a little respect for ourselves!

The Abuser: It is sad but the media has found a way to make the abusive relationship almost seem “cool”. It is not secret Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. For those who don’t know, back a few years ago Chris Brown hit Rihanna and the pictures surfaced on the internet. The two took a break but Rihanna is now convinced that he has “really calmed down”. Girls this is NOT o.k! Yet again we need to have more respect for ourselves than this! If a guy EVER lays a hand on you there should be NO second chances. I don’t care who he is! Why does the media show this relationship as a normal relationship?!? Both of them need help. He needs anger management classes and she needs to go to therapy for her self esteem!

The Serial Dater: I need to start this by saying I love T. Swift. She is an absolute sweetheart with absolutely adorable songs. That being said, that bitch needs to calm down in the dating world. She doesn’t hang on to a boy longer than a month before she writes a song about him and moves on to the next one. Whats worse? She invests a lot in the boys she dates even after a short period of time. For example she bought quite the pricey boy next to the Kennedy boy’s house but she is already two boys past him now. This is another example where we as girls need to have more respect for ourselves. It is o.k to be alone! This type of relationship shows us that we always NEED to be in a relationship but this is not the case! What does T. Swift need a man for? She has money, fame and fans- she doesn’t NEED anything else…she NEEDS some self esteem!

What other celeb relationships do you think the media make look normal that really shouldn’t be portrayed as normal?