Sexy Baby Voice?!?!

I know many times I write on this blog about things that women do to attract men that irritate me. Well this is another one of those blogs. I am sorry ladies but there are some trends I just don’t understand. For this blog I am talking about the sexy baby voice.

Now don’t give me that quizzical look you all know exactly what I am talking about. The girl makes her voice sound about ten registers too high, she adds far to many w’s to her words and her grammar (if she even had a grasp on it in the first place) flies out the window.

Now the confusing part to me is how is this sexy? I get that acting helpless or ignorant every once in a while can make a man feel needed and give him an ego boost. For that reason sometimes the trash bag is just too heavy for me to take out or maybe a can of soup is just too high for me to reach. Let the man handle it. But my intelligence doesn’t suddenly drop dramatically and my voice doesn’t lose its maturity just because a man is around. And frankly I don’t get why I a man would want that.

Ladies if we want respect from men we need to demand it. Little habits like altering our voice to mirror a baby is really not demanding respect. We are literally asking a man to treat us like a baby by emulating one. Isn’t that the exact opposite message from all these women right’s movements and demand to be treated equal?

So my request? How about we stop sending mixed messages. If we want to be treated equal lets act that way. You want to be sexy? Dazzle them with your intelligence and firm grasp on the English language instead of taking dating tips from the nearest Kindergarten class.

30 Rock did a pretty funny episode on this epidemic, check it out here:

So bloggers, what do you think of the sexy baby voice? Do you like it or does it need to go?