Sam and Nia: The Vloggers under fire for faking a pregnancy/ miscarriage?!?

As someone starting out on YouTube I make it a point to watch as many different vloggers as I can find. And when I do find a channel I just don’t watch the popular videos, I try and watch as many as I possibly can.

So when I heard about the viral video on Sam and Nia’s channel I had to check out their channel.

For those who don’t know, Sam and Nia went viral a short while ago with a surprise pregnancy announcement video. Sam took a dropper of urine from the toilet and it tested positive for pregnancy. Only a few short days later they took to YouTube to announce that they miscarried.

And the internet was broken.

Everyone came out of the wood work to label the videos as a fake. Looking for fame, looking for success, pushing their religious agendas (they are devout Christians and very open about it).

I have to admit I was even skeptical at first. The videos both seemed very over dramatic and the one about the miscarriage seemed less emotional than I would expect.

But then I took a step back.

This is YouTube. No matter how hard you try, when that camera comes on, you are acting. Even if you are trying to act natural, you are still “acting natural”. With that camera on there is no way for things to just be as they would be. It’s not possible.

Don’t believe me? Turn on a camera and talk to it. Does your voice change? Do your mannerisms change? Are you more aware of everything you do? I thought so.

After thinking about this I realized that there are some pretty good reasons why this video may have seemed fake to me. Because it was a video. I am not experiencing real life as it is happening regardless how it may appear.

So my wish is that everyone would stop speculating and creating this negativity around the situation. There is a very good chance this is a real occurrence in two people’s lives and spewing negativity is not helping anyone.

I will be the first to admit I am not religious. I do not watch their channel for their chats about the bible or for their preaching. I watch their channel because they have a sweet family and I enjoy getting away from my own life for a while to watch something else. I appreciate the editing and hard work that is put into the channel and I appreciate the openness they have about their life and their family. It is not easy to put everything out there for the world to dissect and they have done it beautifully and taken the negativity with such grace.

For that reason I will continue to watch their channel and believe in them as good people.

I will admit some of the ads they are adding to the channel and some of the products they are getting sponsored by does raise some flags. I mean Clue a fertility app was just sponsored this week. Thing was they didn’t mention it was a sponsor in the video. They acted like it was just something they found. But at the end of the description there was a note about it. That rubbed me the wrong way.

So it makes me question intentions and now I turn to you…

For those of you who have seen their channel, what are your thoughts on their pregnancy announcement video followed by their miscarriage video?


Stop Fighting Fire with Fire

I warn you now before you continue reading that this is going to be a rant post. If you don’t want to read that I suggest you stop reading now. On top of that I should warn you that my views on this hot button topic might not jive with yours and again if that will upset you please stop reading. With that being said, I would like to weigh in on the excitement surrounding Fred Phelps death.

For anyone who does not know who this man is, he was the founder of Westboro Baptist Church. This church was highly religious but had all their beliefs backwards and full of hate. They were known for showing up and protesting soldiers funerals with signs that read “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and Homosexual funerals with sings that read “God Hates Fags.”

The protesting didn’t stop there either, this group was known for praising such tragedies as Sandy Hook saying it was punishment from God for society accepting the homosexual lifestyle. Needless to say this guy had a lot of disgusting views and the way he went about preaching was reprehensible and offensive to so many.

That being said, as I look through my Facebook news feed the last few days leading up to his death and following his death I am really disappointed at what I see. Many people are hoping to protest this man’s funeral to give him a taste of what he did to the many people he hurt with his protests. There is a lot of celebrating surrounding his death and a lot of commotion being made. Although I can certainly see the reason for this reaction I am really disappointed that is how our society has chosen to react for a few reasons:

1) This is EXACTLY what he wanted. In fact in an interview he was asked what he would do if people protested his funeral. Want to know what he said? According to this article on CNN he said, “”I’d love it. I’d invite them,” Phelps told the reporter, according to the Wichita Eagle. “I said: ‘I’ll put in my will to pay your way. But not first class.’ ”

Knowing this, why on earth would we give him exactly what he wants? If society hates him so much we should do everything in our power to make sure he goes without even a peep. The media attention he is getting is only what he would have wanted. He should go with the least amount of controversy as possible. He thrived off controversy in his life, why hand it to him in his death?

2) Hate breeds hate. I know this is hard to hear but just because he did hateful things doesn’t mean we need to retaliate with hate. I remember an old saying that said the best way to get back at your worst enemy is kill them with kindness. That being said we should wish that in his death he finds some sort of peace that was clearly missing in his life. Hating him will not change what he did. Hating him will not restore the funerals he protested at. Hating him will only fill our own hearts with anger but it will do nothing to him or the church he leaves behind. If anything it will fuel their fire further. Lets be the bigger person here.

3) Finally, please try and remember that no matter how disgusting his beliefs were, he believed in them. He believed that what he was doing was for the right reasons. There is no doubt he was absolutely wrong and he hurt many people but he did believe in them. That being said, just because we believe we are right in hating him doesn’t make us right for doing it. Try and remember that even if we can’t agree with or understand someone they have their own reasons and in turn their own consequences. For those who believe in heaven and hell, he will be sure to pay there. For those who don’t remember that his punishment will come to him in another way. It is not our job to pass judgement or punishment.

I saw an interview done with this group by Russel Brand. And while I was shocked, the interview was actually extremely well done and I think we can all take a que from him. Check it out here:

I know this post might offend or insult people but I had to get it out. It really upsets me to see the way people are reacting and I am hoping at least one person will change the way they feel after reading it. If you made it through this whole post please let me know your thoughts on this below!



A Little Rant to Explain Freedom of Speech

As you know every once in awhile a story comes across social media and every other news outlet and it forces me to abandon my blog schedule. This is one of those stories. I am sure by now all of you have heard about the Phil Robertson vs A & E debacle. For those of you who have not let me take a minute to fill you in.

In an interview with GQ Phil discussed his religious beliefs and while doing that he made some anti gay comments. One of the more spread around comments I have seen is:

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there,” Phil says. “Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Because of these comments, A & E decided to suspend him from returning to his reality show Duck Dynasty. I have learned since this whole thing happened that apparently Duck Dynasty is one of the highest rated reality T.V shows and this Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the family. Now before I continue with this I will openly say that I have not seen the show and I would not miss him because I am not a show supporter but I do understand why die hard fans would be upset by this.

That being said. The uproar on the social media networks have infuriated me beyond belief. All I keep reading is “this is unfair. we need to protect his freedom of speech.” So I would like to take the opportunity to clarify exactly what freedom of speech is just for those who might be confused. Freedom of speech means you can say anything you would like to say without CRIMINAL ramifications. From my understanding that has held true in this case. No one is pressing charges. However, an employer has the right to suspend, punish or even fire someone if they represent the company in a light that they do not agree with.

For example, I remember when working in Disney we could get fired for simply not smiling while in uniform. This was not an illegal act. Plenty of people don’t smile day to day. But the Disney image was to be the happiest place on earth and Disney had the right to protect their image in any way they see fit.

Same goes here for A & E. If they do not want to tolerate remarks they feel are slanderous they have every right to take the action they see fit.

From my understanding Phil has gotten so much support from his fans that he will be reinstated to the show soon so all fans take heart, your show will go on. But please remember everyone has the right to their opinion but the employers also have the right to protect their image in any way they see fit. Before we jump on the network maybe we should commend them for sticking true to their belief system just like Phil stuck true to his own.

On that note hopefully we can all have a great holiday season with a little more clarity and a little less hate. Merry Christmas bloggers!