“So Much Cooler Online…”

Alright as a blogger, we all meet people from all over the world. We befriend our online companions for their wit, their support, and their stories. But lets face it, do we really know any of them?

A friend of mine, Dana, over at Kiss My List said something I really loved on this topic, “This is tough – I love so many and I hate to play favorites. It’s also difficult because although I feel like I know some bloggers so well from their writing, I don’t know how they are in person. Do they snore? Are they slobs? Are they relaxed on vacation, or does every second have to be planned? So I’m taking the cowardly way out and not answering this question, but if anyone owns a beach house and would like some company, I’m your gal! Call me.”

After some thought I decided her quote really could lend itself to such a great blog post. So thanks Dana!

Some of my blogging buddies do post photos, so there is a face to the name. But then there are bloggers like me who never post a photo because we are camera shy (I’m working on it guys). On top of that there is so much about a person you just don’t learn online. We are able to present the best version of ourselves on here and make friends for the person we strive to be not necessarily the person we are. Although that is a plus, it also means that organic friendships with some of our blogging besties might not be plausible.

This brings me to a little story from my past. I think this dates back to when I was around 20. Before my blogging times. I made my online friends through online video games, X-box to be exact. I was pretty awesome on their. Mostly because I was one of VERY FEW females. And I gotta say I loved the attention! It was a nice break from my own reality and it was a way to build some confidence. Never did I guess that I would soon be meeting one of my gamer friends.

But I did.

A guy from Georgia came and actually ended up living with me for about 6 months. And I gotta say I was the one who was so much cooler online. He never had the confidence in himself that he had online but in reality he was a pretty amazing person. I wasn’t such a great person at that time. I was mean, heart broken, and depressed. Not a ton of fun. But he liked me for all of me and did a lot to help me get through a pretty tough spot in my life.

Anyway the point of this story is, we all do this in some way. Making ourselves just a little bit better for our online personality. As the years have gone on I have let more of “me” shine through but still I would say it is the better version of me.

For those who haven’t heard the song that helped inspire this post, please listen below:

Do you guys find yourself doing this or have you met anyone who does it? I’m curious to see how many “cool” online personas are out there.


Superhero’s In the Real World

Alright I am going to make a confession right here on this blog. I am a nerd. That’s right I said it. This girl is a total nerd.

No I don’t have glasses held together by duct tape. But, I do enjoy every single super hero movie and would not be opposed to spending all my time with my nose in a comic book. With that said, I have to say I am surprised this post did not come sooner.

Super hero movies have taken over the big screen. With such a surge of excitement behind these movies it comes as no surprise that some people are trying to make the movies a realty. To start of the week on a nerdy foot I decided to share the top 3 Superhero real life stories I came across:

1) Batman Burglar:

A 16 year old boy in Colorado turned himself in as a boy who tried to rob a store dressed in entirely in the batman suit. I guess we should assume he was going for the dark knight side of things?

2) Knight Warrior- This guy made is own Super Hero image up and even created his own suit! The idea was to fight petty crime in his hometown. Sadly, after he took a bit of a beating he decided to hang up his tights. Maybe the movies made crime fighting look a bit easier?

3) Superman Crime Fighter- A man was dressed in a Superman costume for a charity event when he saw someone shoplifting. He ran to stop them dressed in the costume and the event was caught on camera, thank god! I would say this only happens in the movies but that would be corny….

Now all I want to see is Black Widow style crime fighting. Good ol’ manipulation and sex appeal at is finest. What Superhero action would you like to see enacted in real life?