Never, “Thats When I’ll Stop Loving You” NSYNC

So lately a lot of my blogging buddies have been posting flashback posts. I have really enjoyed reading each and every one of them but I have been pretty sad that I haven’t been able to contribute any flashbacks of importance to me, until now.

As everyone knows, the VMA’s were last Sunday. I was snuggled up on my couch watching anxiously for the moment all us girls were waiting for. No, not Miley Cyrus twerking. Yes I saw and while that could be a whole other blog post, that only distracted me from the main event.

The main event I am talking about of course is the NYSNC reunion. If you were a girl in the 90’s you knew the importance of the boy bands. Back in the day you had to pick a team, team NSYNC or team Backstreet. Now of course, all of us listened to both bands but NEVER would we admit it. No! You had to pick one and you were their fan girl and only theirs.

Did it make any sense? No! They had very similar music so it would only make sense that we would like both if we liked either. But, in our heads they were competitors and we had to chose. And we did. I was team NSYNC. Particularly, team J.C *swoon*.

So when those boys popped up out of the stage after JT uttered “you asked for it”. I was transported into the body of pre-teen me. The music was running through me and suddenly I was in my childhood bedroom dancing along to Darrin’s Dance Grooves (anyone else remember this?) and learned the steps to “Bye, Bye, Bye).

I will say the performance was too short, but I am hoping this is a sign of a reunion tour. If it is you better believe I will be in the audience repping the “digital get down”.

Did any other girl have a similar reaction to the NYSNC reunion? If not what band would bring you back to your childhood?