Leave work at work!

As most of my blog readers know I just recently began a new job. Now this job is especially stressful because it is out of my element. For my first few jobs out of college I have worked in the legal field (hoping to eventually be a lawyer) however this job is in marketing. Basically I do my best to get the name of the business known in the area and try and bring in new customers. There is a learning curve for me and so the pressure seems to be a bit more than I am used to.

That being said, bringing the stress home does not help matters. I have learned in the last few weeks that the power of positive thinking really can change how you allow a situation to affect your life. When the job began I would come home stressed and needing to talk. I would then lay all the problems of my day on my boyfriend (who is also dealing with a stressful work situation). We would then proceed to have crappy nights strained with stress and tension.

Neither one of us ever questioned or devotion to each other but the stress was wearing on us. We could both see it very clearly. I knew something had to change. So I changed the way I let the day affect me.

I made the decision that when I left work, I left all the stress, anger and tension at my work desk. Each day I would leave looking forward to the night ahead, determined to not let my work come home with me. And you know what? It helped tremendously!

Our nights became fun again. We were able to laugh with each other and unwind. Just the way it should be.

I am writing this to you bloggers to give you a word of advice. Your relationship is the part of your life that will be with you day in and day out. That is the part of your life you should put the most energy into. Work is just that, work. Don’t let it consume you and affect other areas of your life. The minute you start doing that is the minute you stop really living. Positive thinking and compartmentalizing can do wondrous things for your life. Try it and enjoy your weekend!