Bodyform and The Truth About Periods

As a female, I hear the dreaded “is it that time?” every time I have a mood swing. This isn’t just insulting it is a blatant giveaway that men just don’t understand periods. So when I saw Bodyform respond to Richard, a man who clearly doesn’t understand the period and even if he is joking does a pretty poor job at it reminds me why women put on an act so much of the time.

If you haven’t seen the original post by Richard see it here. In it he describes how all the Bodyform ads made him believe that “the time of the month” was a glorious time where girls went mount biking and other extreme sports but in reality he learned its much akin to a scene from the exorcist. Classy Richard real classy.

Body from responds with an amazing video which I will share below. This ad really makes me want to cheer for them. Well done Bodyform!

I don’t know if this is just men in my life but every time a man I know gets sick (even with just a stomach ache) the world is basically ending. They are confined to their bed, can hardly lift their head and they are convinced they are dying. However, every month we women have more blood spill out of us then should be humanly possible, our ovaries feel like they are eating us from the inside out and our emotions range from joy to dreams of murder quicker than a cheetah hunting prey.

But we don’t let show whats going on inside if we can help it. Sure we might get a little snippy. We might crave a little extra chocolate. But considering whats going on inside our bodies we have mastered the art of deception. But men still find the need to point it out. Its like they can’t understand it so they might as well mock it.

So Bodyform again thank you from all women everywhere for responding to a clueless male in the manner he deserved.

Bloggers, what did you think of Bodyform’s response?