Butterscotch Coffee Cake

Living with nut allergies can be a pain. Especially when you find a recipe that not only looks delicious but most of the ingredients are already in your house. That is what happened to me last weekend. I was doing my usual blog hopping and stumbled across a blog with a Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe that was calling my name. I went through my cupboards and realized besides the nuts, I had all the ingredients I needed. So I suddenly was in debate.

Generally with nuts in a recipe I just leave them out. For the most part they are for flavor so they wont be missed. But in this recipe they really made up the crumble topping. I debated using graham crackers but that didn’t seem to fit with the recipe. So I started racking my brain for something that could be used as a nice topping.

I settled on butterscotch baking chips. And I have to tell you it was a great decision. I followed the rest of recipe to the T (even but in the cinnamon after much deliberation) and you know what? It was fantastic! It was a bit sweet for breakfast but no sweeter than a donut.

I do not want to post the recipe on my blog as the only alteration that is my own is the butterscotch. If you want to try the recipe for yourself please grab the recipe from The Real Thing with the Coake Family, and make sure you comment and let them know I sent you!

Coffee Cake

So bloggers, can you think of something else that the nuts can be subbed for in this recipe? I am thinking there must be other great variations just waiting to be tried out!