We Should Still Livestrong!

I have been listening to all the radio hype about the Lance Armstrong situation and I really have to say I am torn. Yes, I agree he is a fraud and should never be seriously looked at as a serious athlete again. Regardless of the fact that he was not the only player doping the way he handled it was less than commendable. For years he lied and even ruined people’s careers in order to keep his lie in tact. He was a selfish bully only looking to better himself and his own athletic achievements. In that I can agree with the radio.

However, the other part of Lance Armstrong is what has me torn. Lance Armstrong created an amazing foundation that gave hope to so many cancer survivors, Livestrong. With all the negative energy surrounding this athletic fraud, the foundation is sure to suffer. Jeff Tomczek at the Huffington post wrote, “I fully believe that founding the Livestrong organization was just another masked tool for feeding his ego and hiding his ugliness.” It is quotes like this that have me worried. Livestrong is a foundation that has helped so many people and just because there is an athletic episode going on does not mean this foundation should suffer.

The media needs to find a way to compartmentalize the two entities. Maybe even find a new face for Livestrong that will allow the foundation to thrive. So here is why I have turned to my bloggers. How many of you would still support this foundation knowing the athletic transgressions the founder has been through? If you would no longer support it, what would it take to get you behind the foundation again?