Pay to Stay in Jail?!?

Every once in awhile in this world there comes a news story that I really need to stop and say, “Did that really just happen?” This is one of those news stories. Apparently, in Freemont, California inmates are being offered the option to pay to stay in a nicer prison. According to the news story, “Under the new program, healthy, nonviolent offenders who don’t have a gang affiliation and have not been convicted of a sex crime can stay in one of Freemont’s cells for $155 per night, with a one-time $45 fee.” This whole thing seriously has me scratching my head.

I fully understand that jail brings in all the bottom feeders of the population. I also understand that some crimes are a bit different than other crimes. But I am fairly certain there is a system in place to ensure the wrong type of people are separated from the rest. But this new system puts in a problem that makes me think of Highschool all over again. The criminals with money get preferential treatment. I am sorry but a criminal is a criminal and they are in jail to be punished- the punishment should be based on the crime not on the wealth a person has.

This also begs the question. If a person robbed a bank- could they use the loot they acquired to upgrade their jail accommodation? How would that be controlled? This also makes me wonder what would the “nicer” jail cell have to offer. I came up with a top three list that I can imagine enticing a criminal to make the upgrade:

3) A bathroom with a door:

Alright criminals, sick of having to do your business with everyone watching you? Well upgrade to the Pay to Stay jail and you will be equipped with a bathroom that has a door so no one will peep on you again!

No more of this!

2) A Twin Sized Bed:

Sick of sleeping on a metal cot used by criminal after criminal? Upgrade to the Pay to Stay jail and you will get a fresh twin sized bed all to yourself!

1) Reputation as one of the better criminals:

We know having a criminal record can be a real stigma for the rest of your life. Well we cant expunge your record for you we can add a little flare. If you choose the Pay to Stay option we will make sure everyone knows you were one of the elite criminals and not one of the crowd.

All kidding aside my feelings are torn on this issue. How do you feel about criminals having the option to pay to improve their jail cell accommodations?


Leave Paula Deen Alone!

This topic has been rolling over and over in my head since the story broke. When I first heard about Paula Deen and the trouble she has gotten herself into, I was appalled. I first learned the story from various social media mediums and the information I got was limited. I would see statuses or tweets like “Paula Deen is racist,” “Paula Deen uses N- word and loses show,” stuff like that. As much as I enjoyed her food and thought she was an awesome T. V personality the statuses and tweets did not seem to leave any room for sympathy..until I heard the whole story.

Paula Deen

For those who have not heard the WHOLE story, I want to give you a cliff notes version. Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia is being sues for racial discrimination and harassment. Paula is not personally responsibility for the suit but she owns the restaurant so she is part of the law suit and was deposed. In her deposition they asked her if she ever told racial jokes or used the N- Word. According to CNN this is a transcript of that part of the deposition:

Jackson lawyer: “Miss Deen, have you told racial jokes?”

Deen: “No, not racial.”

Jackson lawyer: “Have you ever used the ‘N word’ yourself?”

Deen: “Yes, of course.”

Deen testified that she probably used the racial slur when talking to her husband about “when a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head.”

“I didn’t feel real favorable towards him,” she said, referring to the robber.

Jackson lawyer: “Have you used it since then?”

Deen: “I’m sure I have, but it’s been a very long time.”

Deen said she couldn’t remember other contexts in which she used the slur, but “maybe in repeating something that was said to me.”

“But that’s just not a word that we use as time has gone on,” she said. “Things have changed since the ’60s in the South. And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior.”


The one thing that really sticks out at me is how this happened years ago, likely before my lifetime. As Paula Deen explained it was a different time then and frankly she lived in the deep south where things like this were more common. She was under oath and she told the truth. Why is she losing her entire empire for that? She could have easily lied on the stand and the world would have stood by her side. That is a twisted world we live in.

I am 100 % against racism but I do not think Paula Deen deserves all of the flack she is getting. I think our Country is trying so hard to look not racist that we are demonizing a woman who told the truth on the stand and admitted to at one time being a product of her time. I am sure if asked many women who grew up in the same time and environment as her would admit to the same. Maybe instead of ruining her life we should commend her for her honesty and her changing views. Paula admits to growing with the times, maybe the world can be a little more open-minded as well.

So bloggers I turn to you, how do you feel about the Paula Deen spectacle? Do you believe she should have lost her empire for this?



There are many internet memes that come and go but there are few that really catch my attention. I share a few laughs with Grumpy Cat and I don’t mind seeing the occasional photo of the ridiculously photogenic guy. However, the internet meme that has caught my attention lately is what they are calling “Teoing”
For those that don’t know the story here is a short summary. Manti Teo of Notre Dame football team allegedly had a girlfriend pass away to lukemia on the same day that his Grandmother died. It was later discovered that Teo’s girlfriend was actually a fake that he had met only online and corresponded with by phone and internet only. The hoax was exposed and the question now is was this a publicity stunt or was he really duped into believing that he was in a full fledged relationship with a imaginary girl.

The hilarity of this hoax has taken the internet by storm and has created the new meme called “Teoing”. The reason I am drawn to this meme is I think this is such a current issue and I feel that maybe by bringing it to light with some humor people will be more aware of the dangers of online dating. When online you never really know who you are talking to, and if you do not take the steps to meet the person in a safe, public setting there is a chance that the person on the other end is not who they say they are. Matters of the heart can be tricky and deception like this can truly leave a person wounded. It is hard to say if Teo was really duped or if he was just trying to make the news but either way this new meme will bring attention to the dangers of internet dating.

Do you have a “Teoing” meme? If so please share in the comments section!


We Should Still Livestrong!

I have been listening to all the radio hype about the Lance Armstrong situation and I really have to say I am torn. Yes, I agree he is a fraud and should never be seriously looked at as a serious athlete again. Regardless of the fact that he was not the only player doping the way he handled it was less than commendable. For years he lied and even ruined people’s careers in order to keep his lie in tact. He was a selfish bully only looking to better himself and his own athletic achievements. In that I can agree with the radio.

However, the other part of Lance Armstrong is what has me torn. Lance Armstrong created an amazing foundation that gave hope to so many cancer survivors, Livestrong. With all the negative energy surrounding this athletic fraud, the foundation is sure to suffer. Jeff Tomczek at the Huffington post wrote, “I fully believe that founding the Livestrong organization was just another masked tool for feeding his ego and hiding his ugliness.” It is quotes like this that have me worried. Livestrong is a foundation that has helped so many people and just because there is an athletic episode going on does not mean this foundation should suffer.

The media needs to find a way to compartmentalize the two entities. Maybe even find a new face for Livestrong that will allow the foundation to thrive. So here is why I have turned to my bloggers. How many of you would still support this foundation knowing the athletic transgressions the founder has been through? If you would no longer support it, what would it take to get you behind the foundation again?


The Trials and Tribulations of Babies Around the World

This post is a light hearted approach to some serious stories from all over the world. If you are not able to look at this with some humor please pass this post by as I do not intend to offend anyone. This is meant to bring attention to some serious issues without being stale and serious. This post was inspired by an office chat where we all realized that it is just not that easy to be a newborn anymore:

Lets start this tour in Argentina. In Argentina a newborn was declared a stillborn and taken from their parents without even being allowed to see them. The baby proceeded to spend the next twelve hours in a morgue locked in a coffin. The parents came to the morgue to say their goodbyes to their newborn. The mother pried the coffin open to hear the baby whimpering- she was alive. This story begs the question- do we need to add the bells back to our coffins to let our loved ones know if we have been buried alive? Do we need to reestablish the original meaning of a “Wake?”. The answers are not certain but one thing is clear this family should sue and sue for all they can get because this is a very unsettling and scary story.

Now lets head on over to China for the next story. A china woman went into labor nine days before her expected due date. The woman decided it was necessary to stop at a public restroom before heading to the hospital. This was a big mistake! The woman gave birth to her newborn child in the toilet- and then accidentally flushed her down the drain! Well, for anyone who has ever watched the drano commercials and thought that the plumbing looked like a pretty legit water slide- this baby has your insider information! The baby went critical to stable condition so the baby is doing fine other than being stuck with the knowledge that her mom flushed her down the toilet…

Finally, lets take out last stop in the UK and visit a man…this man suffered many years from pain and a lump in his stomach. One day he experienced a stabbing pain and the lump in his stomach began to protrude. This lump in his stomach turned out to be the fetus of his twin brother who died in his mother’s womb! The story doesnt stop there- the man didnt just have this fetus removed from him but decided to take it home and put it in a jar. My question is when guests come over does he now have to introduce his twin brother as well?

So bloggers, what stories have you head about the trials and tribulations of new born babies around the globe?


Whitney Houston: Flags Half Staff?

I want to start this post by saying that I am deeply saddened by the death of Whitney Houston. Not only was she a fantastic singer and a true inspiration but she was also a talented actress. I understand that this woman dealt with alot of personal demons and that she struggled with substance abuse throughout her life but her talent will never be forgotten. I remember one song in particular that always got me through when I was doubting myself. I would like to share this song as a tribute to her:

I have heard alot of talk over the last week that because she was a substance abuser she “had this coming”. I really find this quite an unfair statement. I don’t think any one of us can honestly say we understand what it was like to live in her shoes. How many of us could step into the spotlight and have our privacy completely stripped away. How many of us could be critiqued daily on the clothes we wear, our performances, our day to day activities and anything else someone decided to talk about? I think this type of lifestyle is very misunderstood and just because someone is “famous” and has money we like to assume they are happy. This is too often not the case. Look at the string of celebrities that have died just recently from substance abuse. Just because they lost the battle with their own personal demons does not mean that their death is any less significant. No one can deny that Witness Houston was a music icon and she deserves to be recognized.

That being said I do NOT believe that she deserves to have the flags flown at Half Staff in New Jersey to honor her death. This debate has sprung up and many people have conflicting opinions. I believe that the flag should be flown at half staff ONLY for fallen soldiers. I don’t believe this honor should be bestowed on ANYONE else. I think when we start doing this for more than just the fallen soldiers the symbol begins to lose its meaning.

Whitney Houston deserves to be honored by an increase of record sales. According to a NY Times article, “She sold 101,000 albums in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, compared with 1,700 the week before.” This increase is deserved. She should be honored for her talent and the music that she has left in our hearts. I also feel her being honored at the Grammys was deserved and I hope that they also honor her at the Academy Awards. There is no doubt that she is a legend and she deserves to be honored in the appropriate venues.


What is your opinion? Should the flags be flown at Half Staff to honor Whitney Houston’s death?


We will NOT read your book!

Browsing Facebook the other day I came across a pretty popular status that read:

“Dear little Caylee Anthony, last night on ET, they mentioned that your mommy (Casey Anthony) is going to make a lot of money off a book (her story) and a movie. Caylee, we the public promise you, “WE” will not buy either one. If you promise this to Caylee, then COPY and PASTE this…I DID! Let’s boycott this so she wont get rich from the murder of her BABY GIRL!!!!!! Please spread like wildfire. R.I.P CAYLEE ANTHONY ♥ Every friend on my facebook please make this promise…♥.”

Intrigued about this I decided to do a little research. To my disgust I learned that currently publishers are in a bidding war for Casey Anthony’s book as they feel “everyone wants to read her story”. To make matters worse the bids are in the $8 million dollar range!

Not only does this woman get off free and easy despite obvious neglect of her little girl but now she gets to make money off it too??

For those of you not familiar with the story I will give you a quick overview. Casey Anthony is a 22 year old woman whose daughter was reported missing in December 2008, her daughter’s name was Caylee. Caylee’s remains were later found in the woods. Casey was tried for first degree murder but was acquited of the charges because the prosecution failed to produce the necesary evidence and tried for the death penalty- a VERY hard sentence to get when there is not enough evidence to back things up.

Casey had a very good lawyer and she was painted as a habitual liar. There were so many holes in her story that the jury would have a hard time convicting her. This proved to be the case and she was let go despite the feeling all around the country that she was guilty of killing her daughter or at the very least was a neglectful mother which led to the death of her daughter.

Bloggers I know you like to read- we all do! But please I am begging you- DON’T BUY THIS BOOK! We all need to banned together to stop her from making money off her daughter’s death. This is not right! Please support this cause!

Even if you don’t agree please let me know what you think about this book and if you will be buying it!