Unrealistic Dream Jobs!

I will be the first to admit that many of my life decisions has been influenced by TV and movies. Is that irresponsible? Probably. But I am sure this will continue to happen my entire life. That being said, many of my “dream jobs” were a result of a TV show or movie and most of which were pretty unrealistic. I came across this article and realized that I had so much more to add. So as we look ahead to Monday at our real jobs I wanted to take a look at the jobs I am sure many of us wish we had thanks to Hollwood.

Movie Trailer Maker- as seen in the Holiday.

This job not only seems glamorous but clearly Amanda Woods makes quite a good living doing it! Oh and who wouldn’t love to live down the road from one of Hollywood’s greats? Can you say job perks? If I could work in the Entertainment industry I would be in absolute heaven. But I live in New England completely across the country from Hollywood and I am nowhere near talented enough for this amazing job. But Hollywood makes it seem so attainable!


Did I mention how much I would love a vacation on a whim?

Bounty Hunter- as seen in One For the Money.

I like to think of myself as a pretty bad ass girl. So the idea of making money by taking someone down for a crime they committed seems awesome. Plus she got to hunt down a guy she had the hots for. But what Hollywood fails to mention is most of the people you are hunting down are not going to also turn around and protect you. Plus the hazards of the job are certainly not worth the pay.

Professional Event Planners- as seen in She’s Out of Your League

I think by now anyone who reads my blog knows I love planning things. I like taking themes and putting together something fun. I like to make the person I am planning the thing for smile. That is why an event planner sounded like an awesome job to me. Problem is, you need to have contacts with all the right people and get all the right prices. Oh and did I mention you can’t make a living with just family and friends? This might be a fun job but without a lot of hard work and networking making a living out of it would be a bit unattainable.

I’m certain those looks help with networking!


So bloggers as we all head to our 9-5 jobs this week, what dream job did Hollywood make you want?


American Sniper

The one thing I worry about as I type this post is downplaying the importance of this movie. So I want to start by saying that American Sniper is a powerful movie. It is a true story and the people really did live out these experiences. I have more respect for the men in this war then I could ever portray. That being said, a movie will always make a person reflect on themselves and their own lives. That is the power of artistic representation of life. I want to talk about how this movie made me think.

This movie is about the one war I can honestly say I lived through. I think all of us can remember 9/11. For me I was only in the 8th grade. I remember that day like it was yesterday. But this movie really made me think how blessed I really am.

The main character of this movie, Chris Kyle, was a sniper. This movie, unlike many war movies I have seen, really went into how the war affected his personal life. His life with his wife and family. As the movie went on I realized how close I came to living a life just like this. I am so blessed that my life turned out differently but the reasons why don’t seem like blessings.

The boyfriend I have now, the man I plan to be with for some time wanted to be in the armed forces. I think he would have chosen the army. Being two years older than I he would have been a prime candidate for the War on Iraq. And he would have loved doing it.

As I watched the movie I saw the similarities. The passion to help others. The thirst for war. The determination. The inability to see beyond the action of the moment. And the difficulty of detaching.

But I was blessed. My boyfriend did not make it into the armed services. In actuality he hurt his back horsing around when he was younger and was unable to enlist. While I am not happy that he will have a life long injury I am happy he ended up having to remain home.

If he had gone to war there is a good chance we would have never met. If we did meet the chances we would make it were slim. I don’t think I could have ever been as strong as Chris Kyle’s wife in the movie. I don’t know if I could have done all that she did.

This movie really showed how strong the women had to be for their men. How powerful a loving home could be for these men.

I don’t know if this post seems selfish and if it does that is in no way my intent.

What I mean by that is this movie really showed me the type of person it took to be in this war. The type of person they needed to stand by their side. And I have so much more respect for them now seeing that.

Because I don’t know that I could have been that person.


Love Actually vs Walking Dead

One thing I love when I watch movies and tv shows is seeing an actor that has characters from two separate works that have an odd little connection. I did a post like this once when I talked about Doc from Back to the Future and Uncle Fester. I find comparisons like this fascinating.

This post is about Andrew Lincoln in his Walking Dead/ Love Actually parts. I know many memes have been written about what he would have said on the posters if he did his Love Actually posters Zombie style (I know because that was originally where this post was going). But what I haven’t seen is the connection between the two characters, or should I say opposite agendas.

I should start by saying this post contains spoilers from both Love Actually and the Walking Dead. But really the spoilers are season one Walking Dead and who hasn’t seen Love Actually? If you are raising your hand right now just stop reading this post and go watch the movie. You will thank me later.

In Love Actually Lincoln’s character is in love with his best friend’s bride. He goes as far as to announce his love to her through posters and they actually end up kissing. Lincoln’s character stole the girl. And the audience went wild for it. AWW what a story. Right?

But then why did the audience still side with Lincoln when his best friend stole his wife? Mind you in the Walking Dead his best friend thought he was dead! They were also dealing with a bit of a catastophe. A zombie apocalypse! And yes I will admit his best friend went a little bonkers. But I wouldn’t say he is the most stable character on the show…

A love triangle is a love triangle and in my opinion, Shane on the Walking Dead actually was more justified in his actions. At least he wasn’t stealing his best friend’s wife literally at their own home while he was in the other room (like Lincoln did in Love Actually). Why this is considered romantic is baffling to me.

Either way the audience seems to have some kind of adoration for Lincoln regardless what side of the Love Triangle he is on and I find the connection humorous.

And since the internet already stole it I wanted to share one poster I did make for the original intent of this post…



The Interview

I know I have been spotty blogging lately with the holidays. I promise I will work on that! Once schedules get back to normal I will be back to my regular blogging schedule. Now on to the post…

The Interview. Now I debated about writing on this topic. Clearly it is extremely controversial and I don’t want to stir up any unwanted negativity. But I think it is a precedent setting event that is worth talking about. As a writer (if blogging counts as writing) I find that free speech is an important thing to protect. I understand that free speech only protects us from Government censorship but I think the spirit of it can be found in this.

For those who don’t know (were you living under a rock?) The Interview is a movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen and depicts the fictional assassination of Koren dictator Kim Jung- Un. The movie is meant to be a light-hearted comedy. But the hackers who got into Sony’s database did not take it that way.

The hackers got in to many of Sony’s personal files. Leaked them. And then threatened a “9/11 style attack” for any theaters that released the movie on Christmas day. This panic caused all theaters to pull the movie. Eventually smaller indie theaters took the movie back and it was released on Christmas in smaller theaters and online.

But what kind of message does this send? That we will back down from threats from other countries? That is a very dangerous precedent to set.

I have heard a lot of arguments that the making of the movie was irresponsible. And while that may be true ( I have not yet seen it) the movie should have been pulled before it was even created if that was the case. Since the movie made it to release it should have been released. That is the end of it. Regardless if it is an awful movie it passed all screenings up until release so it should have been released.

Pulling it because of threats shows other countries that we will bend to them if they threaten us. How do we know in which way they will use that on us next? We can not show a weakness in this type of scenario.

Should we be careful what type of content our movies depict, sure. But this is America and even bad movies have a right to be shown.

What do you bloggers think? Have any of you actually seen it?


I admit- I am a kill joy!

I know many of you bloggers enjoyed the Pharrel Williams song “Because I’m Happy.” I also know that when I commented on your posts about it I also mentioned that I did not care for it. I am not sure if it was because it was just way too up beat for me or if it was merely that the song got on my nerves. Either way I did not care for the song.

But then I watched the Lego Movie.

In that movie the “average guy” lego was obsessed with the song “Everything is Awesome.” The “lego master” girl that he falls in love with was highly irritated by the song. And I realized that in the lego movie I would be the “lego master” girl without all the awesome abilities. But in the movie it was showing that when someone is clouded by experiences they tend to be jaded and not be able to appreciate the simple things, like that song. That would explain my life. A song about being happy just doesn’t resonate with me because I spend my time caught up in everything else I don’t take the time to just be happy.

The songs really mirror each other and it was amazing to me how similar they are yet no one has pointed it out.

Here are just a few similarities:

Because I’m Happy: “Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,/Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,/
Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,

Everything is Awesome: “Lost my job, there’s a new opportunity/ More free time for my awesome community.”

They both show that even though bad things happen there is always a positive way to look at it.

Because I’m Happy:”Because I’m happy”

Everything is Awesome: “Everything is awesome,”

Their title repeats over and over and over and over throughout the song. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first 100x…

And both songs are very insistent that nothing will change how they feel. They are happy because everything is awesome and nothing will get in the way of that!



I think after seeing this movie and comparing the two songs I need to take the time to enjoy the simple things. I need to be able to just be happy and see how awesome life is. The songs might be irritating but their point is clear. Life is too short to not be happy.


So be happy my friends and happy Friday!



Doc Brown and Uncle Fester just might be the same person (at least the same actor)!

So the other day I was flipping through channels and I came across the Adams Family. There will never come a day when I am not in the mood to watch the Adams Family. As a kid I wanted to be just like Wednesday. I realize she is an odd role model choice, but needless to say I was an odd kid.

Anyways while watching the movie I realized many of the actors have gone on to be characters in other movies that I love and I just never noticed. The one that stood out the most to me was Uncle Fester. The eyes looked oh so familiar but I couldn’t place how I knew him. So I whipped out my computer and found out the actor was Christopher Lloyd. So I jumped on to IMDB and there it was Christopher Llyod is also the actor who plays Doc in Back to the Future!! Like what?!

I was literally shocked. These two characters never connected to me before and I was so fascinated I had to dig a little more. And you know what I have decided? It is actually kinda perfect that they are played by the same actor because they are basically the same person. I know it is a stretch but here is why:

1) Their fascination and troubles with electricity: Uncle Fester is said to have the ability to conduct electricity which he acquired by being electrocuted. Doc Brown has a fascination with electricity which leads him to his funky hair and multiple electrocutions throughout the movies.

2) Both are considered “eccentric”: Both these characters are considered eccentric for their own reasons. Uncle Fester is a bit socially awkward. He is gentle and caring with his family but then does odd things like putting his head in a crank press to relieve his headaches. Doc Brown is also quite caring with Marty McFly but comes off as brash and in some cases pretty stupid with his ideas that tend to fail over and over again.

3) The hair: Okay yes their hair don’t look alike at all- but the characters are certainly recognizable by their hair. Uncle Fester has absolutely none. So little that it would be assumed that it was all lost when he got electrocuted. Doc Brown has crazy mad scientist hair- a look that was also probably derived from electrocution.

4) Their love of dogs: Uncle Fester created “Butcher” as a present for Pugsley. This went a bit awry when the dog began to devour hair. Doc Brown went back in time to retrieve his dog Einstein- not even sure he suceeded. Either way both of them did something for a dog and it didn’t quite turn out the way they planned.


This might all be a bit of a stretch but the connection between the two characters with a shared actor was too fun to ignore! Do you guys see any other connections between these two great Christopher Lloyd characters?


Babel: Disconnectedness and Kids with Guns

This past week I saw a movie that was new to me, “Babel” starring Brad Pitt. I didn’t know a thing about this movie going into it so really I had no pre-conceived notions. Overall, I enjoyed the movie but I found myself rather disconnected from it due to the subtitles. I had to keep myself entirely engaged or I would lose the plot and would not be able to connect with the story line. And then I realized something, this sense of disconnectedness was a major part of the story. I am not sure if the directors intended this but for me that made this movie that much more enjoyable.

For those who have not seen it, I will give you a quick summary. The movie starts off with a man, Hassan, selling a gun to a friend to hunt buck. The man buys the gun and allows his kids to take possession of it in order to hunt. The kids are very young and because of this small act, a tourist (an American) ends up being shot. The movie follows the paths of the three families that are involved in this story and how although they are so disconnected they are actually very connected.

This however leads me to a big question, should small children be able to use guns. I for one am a huge believer in the right to bear arms and I believe all families should be able to protect themselves. But, I think this movie shows that children cannot be trusted with guns. They do not quite understand the severity of their actions just yet and they do not understand the value of a human life. This movie showed me how disconnected these children felt from their actions even though their actions deeply affected more than just their own lives.

One of the children in Babel

Many people argue that with the right discipline and training a child can use a gun supervised for purposes such as hunting. I don’t believe this should be allowed. A child does not understand what it means to take a life, even an animal life. Until they can feel those types of connections and understand what their actions truly mean I do not think they should have that type of power.

I think the disconnectedness the viewer feels when watching this movie is similar to the disconnectedness the children felt when they shot the van than wounded the tourist. After watching this I can say with certainty that I do not believe children should have access to guns in any way. Children need to learn compassion and the value of a life before they have the ability to take a life.


So bloggers, even if you have not seen the movie, do you feel children should have the ability to use a gun?


What do YOU think?


My Hate Love Relationship with Jodi Foster

So I wake up this morning to articles staring me in the face about Jodi Foster’s “coming out” Golden Globe speech. I need to preface this post by saying that I have spent the better part of my movie watching life despising Jodi Foster. I do not really have a valid reason other than she just didn’t sit right with me. I always felt she thought a little too highly of herself and she really just wasn’t the fantastic actress everyone said she was. When I saw the headlines about her Golden Globe speech I rolled my eyes. I clicked away from the article time and time again today. However, the article kept resurfacing- eventually I had to read it and watch the speech.

Reluctant Reader

I have to say this speech really gave me a new appreciation for Jodi Foster. I want to be clear this was NOT a coming out speech. Honestly, anyone who knows anything about Jodi Foster knows her sexual orientation. This was in no way news- nor was it the focus of her speech. Rather, her speech was about the value of privacy in our lives as well as the lives of people like her who spend their days in the lime light. I really think she said it the best when she said, “If you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler, if you’d had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you, too, might value privacy above all else.”

Jodi Foster speaks at Golden Globes

The thing is the media does not understand what it is like to be in the lime light your entire lives. All the press cares about is making another dollar by selling that juicy story. But, celebrities are people as well. Regardless of the fact that they make their living by being public figures they too have a right to privacy. I think the “information age’s” disgusting obsession with knowing everything about celebrities is repulsive. Instead of respecting them as humans we treat them as slaves who are paid to entertain us. No regard is given to their happiness and the trouble it may cause them to air their private lives.


After listening to that speech I really need to ask that we take a step back from the lives of celebrities. Lets give people like Jodi Foster a little space to breathe. Maybe instead of picking up that tabloid we can read a good novel. Each person that makes an effort to respect their privacy helps out just a little. Maybe one day they will be able to walk out of their house without being attacked by a thousand cameras and microphones treating them like a monkey they can watch doing tricks.


Psycho: Vince Vaughn vs. Anthony Perkins

I have actually been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now because I am really interested in getting feedback. As someone who really enjoys movies I try to keep an open mind with every movie I watch. In this case, I saw the Vince Vaughn version of Psycho first- back when I was around 13 and it scared the crap out of me. At the time I had no idea there was another version and frankly I had no interest in finding out. The movie gave me the creeps! At the time I didn’t know Vince Vaughn as the funny man from Dodgeball and it was years before I made the connection. I felt he did quite a fantastic job in the role of Norman Bates and really never gave it a second thought.

A few years ago in a college film class I was introduced to the Alfred Hitchcock version of Psycho with Anthony Perkins. This film was even creepier! However, would I say that this added creepiness was due to the superiority of Anthony Perkins acting? No. I felt this movie was shot better, had much more hidden messages and the black and white really added something to the movie. To sum it up Alfred Hitchcock was just an amazing director and talented at his art of horror movies.

Recently I purchased the Vince Vaughn version of the movie (I already own the original) and I caught alot of flack for it. Many people stating that Vince Vaughn was horrible in the role of Norman Bates and the movie was just a shot for shot remake of the original- not worth watching. However, I think the fact that this movie was a shot for shot remake was a testament to the perfection of the original movie. I think this version attempted to reach a more modern audience by showing it in color, updating the wardrobe, and putting actors on the screen a modern day audience is familiar with. I dont believe the goal of this movie was to surpass the original but rather make the original more accessible to a modern day audience. I believe this version was a celebration of the original and as such as a purpose in any film collection.

What is your opinion bloggers? Should the Anthony Perkins version be the only one in your film collection or are both version worthy of display?