Journal vs. Diary

This is one of those blogs where I will admit I was wrong. And since it is a blog it is in writing. For those who know me this is astonishing. Take a screenshot if you wish because I doubt this will happen to often. But my friends it is true…

I was wrong.

What was I wrong about you ask? The difference between a diary and a journal. Since I am a girl who loves anything that involves polarity of the sexes I wrote this post topic down as an interesting debate about how men write journals and women write diaries. I was gonna go into how women tend to be more emotional in the logs they keep where men tend to use journals for other reasons like to trigger a memory, maybe to get creative juices flowing or for just no other reason than to write.

But the sexes have nothing to do with the difference between a diary and a journal. And in actuality I had the two flipped.

A diary is meant as a log of sorts. To catalog your day. To write down what happened minute by minute.

A journal on the other hand is used more to write down emotions and memories. If my theory had been right a woman would use a journal and a man would use a diary. But as I said I was wrong.

Whats more? Some of the most famous diaries are not even from women they are from men!


Some of the most famous diaries are from men like Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin. This actually really surprised me. And now of course I want to head to the store and buy their diaries. I would love to know what such intelligent men wrote in their personal diaries. It must be fascinating.

But now I debate what I used to keep as a teen. I wrote about my day but I always included emotions. Much of my memories were colored by emotions and my writing reflects that. So did I keep a diary or a journal? This might be the million dollar question that will never be answered.

I think I almost prefer that I was right, men write journals and women write diaries. Because that is something I can understand and pin down. Oh well, such is life.

So bloggers. What do you keep? A journal or a diary? Or neither because you blog (like me :))