As a marketer I find anything that causes new marketing trends fascinating, #deflategate is one of those trends. For anyone who doesn’t know (you are clearly not from New England) #DeflateGate is what twitter as named the scandal the Patriots is dealing with right now. The controversy is that there is speculation that 11 of the 12 balls used in the AFC Championship win against the Colts were deflated.

Now as a Patriots fan I do need to say this, whether or not the balls were deflated is irrelevant. The win against the Colts was a landslide. The game was not close. A little bit of air would not have changed that. Even the Colts themselves admitted it. One of the tight ends tweeted that “they could have used soap balls and still beaten us.” I think that pretty much sums it up. It doesn’t matter!

But as a marketer this is advertising gold. This is a trend to jump on and have fun with. So I thought a great way to end the week is to share some of my favorite marketing collateral that has come from this scandal:10PercentOff-SocialMediaAd

Of course I had to do a shameless plug of our ad as well. The one with the 10% off. Anyone who wants to see more of my silly posts and marketing ideas can follow me on my company page at http://www.facebook.com/minutemanpressdedham

Happy Friday!


When is it NOT okay to show your support?

I want to start this post off by apologizing for not posting on Monday. There are a few life changes in the works which have made things rather hectic! But hopefully I will be able to post about them soon!

On to the post!

This week marked the anniversary of 9/11. As someone in the Marketing world I know how important it is for companies to show that they are aware of the events of the world and not entirely centered on making a profit. Many companies do this by donating to charity, participating in community events (i.e Ice Bucket Challenge) and making timely posts surrounding holidays.

However, when events such as 9/11 come up, there is a lot of controversy about how a company should handle it. Companies like Build a Bear posted about their support, and the public reacted so negatively they were forced to take down their post. Here was Build a Bear’s post:

In my opinion this was a very tasteful post and shows that they are conscious of an event very close to many people’s heart. However, many people felt the post was distasteful because they felt the company was “pushing” their product. I would agree with this if there was a link included to buy the bear or any of the accessories. However, this is not the case. The company simply used their image to show support. I see nothing wrong with that.

However, being new in the marketing world I am curious about this. This is why I want to turn to you. Do you think companies should refrain from posting this sort of support on an event so near and dear to the hearts of many?

Let me know your thoughts!


Casket Wraps?

As many of you know I recently started a new job. I am the Marketing person for a local large format print shop. We basically do signs, banners and other large format advertising. Every once in awhile though something comes across the desk that is a bit out of the ordinary. This week was one of those times.

Part of my job is to make cold calls to companies to see if we can begin to work with them. My boss heard about one of the companies in our franchise having luck with funeral homes. The pitch? Casket wrapping. Let me make that clearer for you. The idea was to call funeral homes to see if they would be interested in the idea of selling wrapped caskets to families. If you don’t know, a wrapped casket would be a casket with a design laid on to it by a company like ours. But I am not sure that is an easy sell.

That is until I saw this site. This site is entirely real and it appears that they do make sales.

This by far is my favorite casket of theirs.

Morbid no?

With this in mind I wanted to share with you some other ideas for caskets:

1) “One Way”

2) “Refrigerate After Opening”

3) “If this is yours, and you can see this, ring bell!”

4) “Do not open until apocalypse”

5) “Time Capsule”


I am sure there are so many more but I feel awful adding to this craziness. I would love to hear more if you have some to share. Hope this gave you a laugh to start your Friday!


TSA has an instagram…Say WHAAA?

Alright folks, my spirits are a bit down today, I just went through a break up. A person I genuinely cared about- and if you know me at all, that is saying something. But, I believe everything happens for a reason and if things are meant to be they will be so I am going to give it time and see what happens. That being said, I needed to post on something that didn’t require much work for me. Thank you TSA!

I am sure many of you are wondering what the TSA could possibly do that warrants a blog post. They have an Instagram! That’s right they are on the social network all about posting photos. So what sort of photos do they post you ask? Well, mostly they post pictures of items that they find that are not allowed on the plane. Now, I don’t know if this is the greatest plan because through them  I am learning about awesome concealed weapons I would have never heard of before! Here are the top 3:


credit card knife

A Credit Card Knife. Now, this is a pretty nifty little weapon because it can be hidden easily and when a thief tries to grab your credit cards they will grab a nice hunk of knife instead. That is good deterrent for any thief!


cig stun gun

Cigarette Stun Gun: Now this weapon wouldn’t work for me because I don’t smoke. But for those who do, people would be so used to seeing them with the pack of cigarettes in their hand that the idea that it might be a stun gun would never cross their mind.

3)cell phone stun gun

Cell Phone Stun Gun: Whhaa? This one is perfect! I am “Timmy Text Message” so this would be the perfect weapon for me to have to defend myself against the street assailants I see daily (or is that in my paranoid little head?). Either way thank you TSA for making me aware of this awesome invention.

Now, of course this post is all in jest and I would never look for nor use any of the weapons mentioned above. But, the thing is some people might. I am not sure that this Instagram account is doing the positive marketing the TSA is going for.

So bloggers, do you know of any other TSA marketing or even personal accounts that are not exactly sending the right message?