Rolling Right Off My Top Song List

Alright, I am a 90’s chick. That being said I have a soft spot for 90’s Alternative music. When it comes on the radio I like to roll my windows down, tap on my steering wheel, and sing at the top of my lungs. This music brings me back to when I was young and carefree and had all these crazy ideas about how love and relationships would be in my later years.

Pandora, has given me a way to touch in to this gold mine of music and bring me back to the carefree days of my childhood. The other day at work I was bobbing along to this very station when one of my old favorite songs came on. Not remembering the name or the band for this song I decided to pull up the information on Pandora. To my surprise the title was “Roll to Me” by Del Amitri.

I continued bobbing along to the song singing what I thought was all the right words. For the life of my I could not figure out why the song would be named “Roll to Me”. I decided to run a Google search to solve my confusion. To my horror I found out that I had been singing the song wrong all these years, and in all honesty the ACTUAL lyrics made me like the song less!

I will focus on the first time the title comes up in the song, verse one. The REAL first one is as follows:

Look around your world pretty baby
Is it everything you hoped it’d be
The wrong guy, the wrong situation
The right time to roll to me
Roll to me

Now I had all the lyrics correct up until, “..to roll to me.” All these years I believed the singer was saying ‘The right time, the wrong me.” Now before you start laughing hysterically at me, hear me out.

I think MY lyrics send a much better message. First off, in the real song is he trying to woo some 50’s diner waitress who is still wearing her skates while he sings to her? Or maybe he is wooing a diehard cyclist who doesn’t dismount her bike for their encounters? Either way, he never explains why she is “rolling” to him but whatever the reason, this girl has issues.

However, in MY version of the song the guy is explaining why they hadnt worked and why the song is needed. All up until this point he had been the wrong guy, in the wrong situation, it was the right time but it was the wrong him. He wasnt the guy he needed to be to be with her, but he is now. I thought this was such a sweet and rare sentiment. So rare apparently it was only in my head!!

So bloggers, what version of the song do YOU like better and why?


Who am I breaking up with?

So we have all had break ups. We have all had that awful after shock where we have to remove their clothing, pictures and other random items from our lives so we can move on. However, the question I have is what about the family?

Alright if this is his family- maybe you should break up with them too…

When two people have a long term relationship, the family gets involved. You may become best friends with his sister. You might become shopping buddies with his mom. Maybe you are a tutor for his younger sibling. So when the two of you call it quits, is it also essential for you to break up with the family?


My wildly unpopular opinion is, NO! You are both adults (well o.k this opinion is under the assumption you are both adults) and you can make friends on your own. Sure, you former other half introduced you and happens to share blood with this friend of yours but they do not share a brain. If the family member is willing to keep you in their life after the break up I say go for it! There was a reason you guys bonded and I don’t think a romantic misstep should mean the ending of a friendship.

So this begs the question, how will this friendship work? Well there is one golden rule. Never and I repeat NEVER bring up your former boo with their familial relation. This means not asking how their new flame is working out no matter how badly you want to know, this means not asking if they are spending their days in a dark basement pining after you, this means not asking if they mind slipping cyanide into their morning coffee as a special gift from you. The topic must be completely out of your conversations at all time. If this rule is followed I think a continued friendship is healthy and completely O.K.



So bloggers what do you think? When you go through a break up do you break up with the family as well?


Dream Date

Alright girls, admit it, each and every one of you have this one dream date in mind that if the guy you were seeing somehow figured out what it was you would marry him on the spot. I bet some of you guys even have a date running through your head right now. The problem is our dream date is usually so incredibly personal that unless we tell the man there is no way they are going to figure it out. And lets face it- if we tell them the surprise is lost and without surprise there is no romance.

This is what surprise SHOULD look like!

So since I have accepted my fate and realized my mind reading Prince Charming will not be riding up to me on a white horse anytime soon, I decided to share my dream date with my blogging pals. But first, confession time. This dream date involves my all time favorite television show, and you know what? Its a dorky one! Alright I will say it…Gilmore Girls. Yes I admitted it. Theres something about those caffeine addicted drama queens that had me tuned in every week.

So how does this dream date involve a T.V show you ask? Well Stars Hollow (where the show took place) is a small town full of quirky characters. Growing up watching this show my dream was to live in a town like this. I also imagined all the different people I would meet and what type of character I would be (for the record I would be a Lori-lei).

Thats her errr me on the left.

For my dream date I would like to go visit the towns this show is based on. To be exact, Essex, Wallingford and Washington Connecticut. This isn’t too far from where I actually live so it could be a day trip. I would just like to see all the places that inspired this amazing show and maybe understand how the characters came to be.


So how is this romantic? Well as Wikipedia puts it, “Stars Hollow was founded in 1779 with conflicting legends regarding how it got its name. Although some within the town doubt the theory, the traditionally accepted legend involves two star-crossed lovers who seemed destined never to be together, until separate cosmological phenomena involving stars led them to each other at the spot where the town now exists.”

Who wouldn’t want to visit a place where a town who brought to star crossed lovers together was thought up?

                                                                      So bloggers what would your dream date be?


Relationships in the Media

The media has a way of controlling our outlook on so many things. The media shapes what we wear, what we eat and even who we date. The problem with this is the media has a way of showing the most dysfunctional relationships and making them seem almost normal. For young and impressionable girls (like myself) this can be awfully confusing. There are three relationship types I have noticed really highlighted in the media over the last year or so:

The Giant Age Gap:

Relationships like Hef and any one of his many wives is NOT normal. These girls are with him for one thing and one thing only- money. The marriages are strange and the whole living arrangement is down right disturbing. However, I myself sometimes watch “The Girls Next Door” and think to myself…hmm that wouldn’t be so bad…This is NOT O.K. Girls we need to make a vow that we will put a limit on these insane age gaps. Money cannot cross 50 years…lets have a little respect for ourselves!

The Abuser: It is sad but the media has found a way to make the abusive relationship almost seem “cool”. It is not secret Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. For those who don’t know, back a few years ago Chris Brown hit Rihanna and the pictures surfaced on the internet. The two took a break but Rihanna is now convinced that he has “really calmed down”. Girls this is NOT o.k! Yet again we need to have more respect for ourselves than this! If a guy EVER lays a hand on you there should be NO second chances. I don’t care who he is! Why does the media show this relationship as a normal relationship?!? Both of them need help. He needs anger management classes and she needs to go to therapy for her self esteem!

The Serial Dater: I need to start this by saying I love T. Swift. She is an absolute sweetheart with absolutely adorable songs. That being said, that bitch needs to calm down in the dating world. She doesn’t hang on to a boy longer than a month before she writes a song about him and moves on to the next one. Whats worse? She invests a lot in the boys she dates even after a short period of time. For example she bought quite the pricey boy next to the Kennedy boy’s house but she is already two boys past him now. This is another example where we as girls need to have more respect for ourselves. It is o.k to be alone! This type of relationship shows us that we always NEED to be in a relationship but this is not the case! What does T. Swift need a man for? She has money, fame and fans- she doesn’t NEED anything else…she NEEDS some self esteem!

What other celeb relationships do you think the media make look normal that really shouldn’t be portrayed as normal?



There are many internet memes that come and go but there are few that really catch my attention. I share a few laughs with Grumpy Cat and I don’t mind seeing the occasional photo of the ridiculously photogenic guy. However, the internet meme that has caught my attention lately is what they are calling “Teoing”
For those that don’t know the story here is a short summary. Manti Teo of Notre Dame football team allegedly had a girlfriend pass away to lukemia on the same day that his Grandmother died. It was later discovered that Teo’s girlfriend was actually a fake that he had met only online and corresponded with by phone and internet only. The hoax was exposed and the question now is was this a publicity stunt or was he really duped into believing that he was in a full fledged relationship with a imaginary girl.

The hilarity of this hoax has taken the internet by storm and has created the new meme called “Teoing”. The reason I am drawn to this meme is I think this is such a current issue and I feel that maybe by bringing it to light with some humor people will be more aware of the dangers of online dating. When online you never really know who you are talking to, and if you do not take the steps to meet the person in a safe, public setting there is a chance that the person on the other end is not who they say they are. Matters of the heart can be tricky and deception like this can truly leave a person wounded. It is hard to say if Teo was really duped or if he was just trying to make the news but either way this new meme will bring attention to the dangers of internet dating.

Do you have a “Teoing” meme? If so please share in the comments section!


The “Real” Disney

As a girl who grew up loving all things Disney- I will say the one thing that always bothered me is how unrealistic it all is. To state the obvious the knight in shining armor thing seems less and less likely by the day. Then there’s this whole fairy Godmother business- I don’t know about you but mine must not like me because I have yet to meet her. Then of course there is the fact that each of these princesses are absolutely flawless no matter what type of life they come from. They have the most adorable outfits and their best friends are their pets (ok that part is realistic but mine doesn’t talk!).

My obsession with Disney ran so deep that not only did our family vacation their MULTIPLE times in my childhood but I also interned there for a few months. Working there did help make the whole thing a little more real as I learned a few of the Disney secrets but it still was all a bit surreal. This perfect fairy tale land was always my escape- always that perfect place that doesnt really exist. Needless to say when I realized that this “fairy tale” could become a bit more real I was elated.

My first introduction to real life Disney possibilities in my life was a Disney Wedding:

What girl wouldn’t want a fairy tale wedding like that? But of course to have a fairy tale wedding you would need to look like a princess right? Well then I discovered another way Disney has become a little more real:

So it looks like we can have a fairy tale wedding and look like a princess with the right photographer and clothing- oh shoot clothing- how are we going to get that? Well Disney is one step ahead of us providing us with real life Crystal Slippers- like Cinderellas:

So that settles it! No more doubts! Disney is as real as ever and needs to make my life a fairytale- like right away! Bloggers what Disney fairytale would you like to become a little more real?


Why We Broke Up

One thing I have gotten back into lately is reading. The book I most recently finished was “Why We Broke Up” by Daniel Handler. The book basically goes through the relationship of a guy and a girl using items as ways to remember different stories. Each item solicits a story that ends up explaining why they broke up. The book is written as if the girl is writing a letter to the boy who at the end of the book she gives him with all the stuff that reminds her of him. This really seemed to me to be a great way to get closure. So I decided I would try to do this for a past relationship of mine that ended a bit messy and I really haven’t been able to quite get out of my head. Now since this is a blog and not a book I didn’t pick a thousand items and they wont be long stories but here is my short version of “Why We Broke Up”

Up DrawingThis was a drawing you did for me very soon after we got together the second time. The first movie we ever saw together was “Up” and the first time we were together I asked you to draw me a picture from it because we said that we would have that kind of relationship. The movie was special to us and it meant the world to me. However, the first time we were together this drawing never was completed because you left me before you had a chance to draw it. So after a year break and we got back together this was one of the first drawings you did for me. The drawing was special because you hid messages to me throughout the drawing. Messages I didn’t find until long after you were gone. Messages included “My First My Middle Your Last” (, “I will never leave you again (was this a joke?) “I love you”. Also see that crow and butterfly on that drawing? That wasn’t from the movie but rather your reference to our song, “The Crow and the Butterfly” by Shinedown. Looking back maybe I should have known something would go wrong. Our movie and song together both represented relationships that had ended. In the movie they were apart because of death, the song they broke up. How didn’t I see this coming? But it is safe to say this is one of the reasons we broke up.

This was a Christmas List I started when we were together the second time. The only stuff written down is the stuff that we bought while we were together. Notice how its your family on that list and that the list is extra short? That is because in the three times we were together we never once spent a Christmas together. However, I liked to plan ahead and when I did think of shopping for Christmas even though it was summertime- it was you who came first. I made sure you had a gift to give your mom even though I was never there to give it to her with you. Each relationship we had always started right around March as the weather started warming up and always died out before the summer ended. We had what they would call a summer romance- for three summers in a row. It seems as the weather got colder- so did your feet. This should have been a sign to me that you would have never made it down the aisle- if the weather gave you cold feet- a wedding aisle would have given your feet frost bite.

Finally, the ring that I thought really meant you were in it to stay. This ring was  a combination of a ring that was given to me when I was only eighteen and then another ring put together. I loved the vintage, unique feel of this ring. But this ring never quite made it on my finger. You did propose to me I have to give you that. However, you proposed to me with a promise ring. That promise ring did not make this list because that ring is not why we broke up- that ring is why we stayed together. You picked that ring out for my yourself, without me knowing, at a shop I had never even heard of. You brought me to a gazebo in a park (just like our first date) and got down on one knee and promised me we would be together forever. It was an amazing moment. However, this ring here I picked out. I dragged you to the store and set you up on a payment plan for it. I put it under my name and even helped pay for it on the months you needed help. But it was something we were doing together. We made a day trip out of the times we went to make payments on it. And we even managed to pay it off while being together. I thought this meant something. However, you didn’t propose right away- you wanted to find the right moment. And this is why we broke up. The right moment wasn’t there  not because you hesitated to make it perfect- you hesitated because you still weren’t quite sure.

The signs were there my love. We should have seen them in the moments that we shared. But those moments are encapsulated in the items that are left behind and this is why I will never forget you. Although this is the story of why we broke up- these items also tell me stories of why we were together.


Valentines Craft!

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I decided to share with you a little romantic craft you could make for your sweetheart. I know I am probably the last blogger out there to share this but I did it for my boyfriend’s stocking this Christmas and it was a big hit :). I did my own take on the “52 Reasons I Love You” deck of cards. If you are a pinterest junkie I am sure you have heard of this so sorry no new ideas here. However, if you are not this is a great, inexpensive gift idea for the holidays. So its pretty easy you get a deck of card and each card you use to share with your hunny a reason that you love him. I decided to do some funny things as well as some serious ones since 52 is quite alot.

Heres is my cover card:

Ok so at this point I was ambitious. I had this bright idea that I was going to go through my stacks of old magazines and use cut outs to make this deck of cards. However, after this beautiful cover card I realized I didn’t have the patience for that lol!

Here is an example of a funny card:

This card made him giggle :). I bitch ALOT about EVERYTHING. I thought this card was a nice way to let him know I am aware and I appreciate his patience with me lol!

Of course now this is Valentine’s Day so we cannot leave out the romantic card:

This picture is my all time favorite romantic picture hands down so it absolutely had to be in there! He is good about holding hands and other little things that show me he cares even when others are around. I am not a big one for PDA so I thought it was nice to show him that when he does show some affection I appreciate it even if I dont show it 🙂

So what would you guys put in you “52 Reasons Why I love you” deck of cards?