The Difference Between Men and Women: When They Fight!

One of the blogs I like to do the most is about gender issues. I tend to get a lot of traffic on these posts and it really leads to a lot of interesting debate.

So, we decided to create a series on this topic on our Youtube channel. We want to keep things funny like they are in the blog. We are still really trying to find our Youtube voice but I think as we go along we really will find our groove and you guys will enjoy them just as much as you do the blogs.

So without further adieu..here is the latest video:

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What would you like to see for the next video in this series…

The Difference Between Men and Women: _insert your idea here–

See you Friday for the regular blogs!


I have been Bean Boozled!

Hey guys! Did you miss me?!? I missed you all!

I have been insanely busy with my new job and my It works sales that blogging kind of took a back seat. BUT… I have created a Youtube channel which I have wanted to do for awhile and I thought who better to share it with than with you guys?

So I have decided to change up my blogging schedule a bit to try and make it more manageable with my crazy schedule. So I am going to try to post the YouTube video I create each week on Mondays here and Fridays will be back to regular old blog posts. And of course I will be back to visiting you all!

Sound good?

Without further adieu here is my first Youtube video…

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Thank you so much! So glad to connect with you all again!!


Happy Eat Your Veggies Day!

Since June 17th is Eat Your Veggies Day, I decided it would be fun to do a post on some of the most awkward veggies to eat. As a kid I hated vegetables. When my parents would send me to the basement to pick the vegetable for dinner I would ALWAYS pick corn. EVERY TIME! But as I grew up I started to like a few different kinds of veggies but it doesn’t mean I can eat them with a straight face.

Here are the ones that come quickly to mind in order of most normal to weirdest!

5) Carrots- Every time I eat these I just want to say “Whats up Doc?” but then I realize that most of the kids in my life would have no idea what I am referring to a most of the adults would just think it was a sad and pathetic reference.

4) Spinach- I have always wanted to suck down a whole can of this stuff and watch my muscles pop up all over my arms. Sadly this has never worked yet for me and this makes eating this a sad time.

3) Tomatoes- Because every time the juice squirts me in the back of my throat I am reminded that I am not eating a gusher and the mild choking feeling will not be rewarded by sour goodness.

2) Brocoli- Any way you eat this you look like you are defiling a tree. In this “green” era you gotta be careful how you treat the arbor life.

1) Celery- Even if you coat this sucker with some lucious peanut butter, sticking a long tubular object down your throat never looks classy. Remember that ladies.

So now that you have had a great chuckle at the veggies expense celebrate this veggie day with a mound of the best stuff for your body! Bloggers, what is your favorite veggie?